Can ebay not look back and see who the jacket was sold to 2 weeks prior to me buying it. Me going against my better judgment decided to do this and drop the case not knowing ebay will not fix the problem if you are scam. now im out of $70.00. How it works: You receive an email that looks like it’s from eBay or someone who claims to work for them. I won an auction on Ebay this past Sunday, Oct.12, 2014. I sent the disks back, the seller refunded the money pretty much immediately, and cancelled the transaction. Think of something that would be extremely difficult for a hacker to get right but something that you could remember as easily as you could remember your name. If the seller can’t prove the package was received the buyer has a legit claim and I’ve never been denied a claim as a buyer. She said her email account is wrongly linked to her PayPal and would or could not take payment. I will ask eBay what to do. I heard her on her cell phone telling a friend it was a “goldmine”. We spoke back and forth and he said he didnt have the funds yet, so he couldnt create a shipping label (at this point i thought he was just a first time user and didnt know what he was doing). After reading the posts above I’m calling my credit card company. I showed all pics and wrote my issue. I limit the size or cost of items in case something should go wrong but have successfully made many, many purchases using PayPal on eBay. So if you paid for your eBay purchase with plastic, contact your credit card issuer as soon as possible to report the fraud. Scammers order a game and, when it is delivered, swap it for a scratched or broken one, then return it because it doesn’t work. A few days passed and the seller was granted the rights. I then said I couldnt wear either of the tops with the ugly emblems and one that doesnt even fit. Then just before I installed I removed cover on item to check gears and found it was damaged. And before dropping a vicious bomb on a boutique or store, be sure the negative feedback is truly well deserved — negative feedback can hurt the seller’s reputation and harm their online auction business, especially if it’s unwarranted. (The word “last” was spelled with a “k” … I kid you not.). I didnt keep it as I didnt expect to return it. The story gets better. Barbie knows your inventory! If you want your money back, the best way to make that happen is through the company that scammed you. Of course he did all the right (scammer) things – delaying the whole process from the very start so that it became too late to use the ‘guaranteed high level of buyer security’ (LOL) that eBay provides for the very fast ones only. I am still looking for a maroon sari tho..:) Thanks for all your good advice in living a full, rich life. These cookies do not store any personal information. guide to identifying and avoiding phishing scams. 100%. when many buyers state they live in Canada but in fact their products are shipped from places like Hong Kong. Ofcourse, I’m still skeptical – esp. Ebay was no help at all and he is still running similar listings today…. Only lost $10. I am very skeptical about certain sites and although I bought on line, haven’t used ebay until recently. If you think someone has gained access to your account, change your eBay and PayPal passwords immediately. Sellers want to make their customers happy so they keep coming back. Savvy eBay shoppers know that paying with a credit card may offer the best buyer protection on the planet. Well my outcome was a MIRACLE now going back. If opening a case, make sure there is enough evidence to defend and sustain your arguments. I used to have much luck with Ebay however since the down turn of the economy, I’ve been scammed a couple of times by knock off’s and no delivery all from international suppliers. She told me to call ebay to receive my money back. That left me with a real bad sour taste in my mouth about eBay and PayPal and the way we are supposedly protected. I really needed money and being sad and apparently naive, I thought hearing her say that was a good thing for me. You can certainly try small claims but if you feel it's worth the hassle. In any case, I do realize I can’t have either Ebay or PayPal make her send the item but if it does go up for bid again at a higher price, which it will I am positive, it will be my next complaint against her as I will have proof . After 25 business days I emailed him and he said that “the post office returned it to have the batteries removed. Never seen that before so I contacted the seller who replied back the next day . If you want someone to take care of your pets, invite the pet sitter to your family, and leave your pet out. if you read it well it states to try to contact the seller and resolve the case. How it works: A seller may sometimes send a buyer an item that has a company’s logo on it, but isn’t made or endorsed by them. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. What does eBay state as the explanation for only allowing complaints within just a few days? That exact charm is listed , first photo, so she is now trying to back out of the sale. Scammers do their best to hit us from every possible avenue, from email phishing to fake websites to … Now, you could call me many things at this point. Now all you have to do is wait. Like others have said, I do not purchase outside of USA or Canada. One buyer sent back an empty box. Only eligible purchases are protected — items like cars and real estate are not covered under either program. The protection is almost too good at the detriment of legit sellers who may not have tracked the shipment and actually does get lost. I got scammed back in 2004 when I was trying to buy The Notebook on DVD. I noticed on the Pay Pal site next to my purchase the sale was “Pending”. I indicated that I would refund their money, if I got the items back. Either try and work out a form of agreement with the seller, and if that fails, open a case against the seller. But have since had to change my bank account,cancel my C.C, and cancel my PAYPAL account,cancel my ebay account and my lesson is if I want something that bad get my lazy a$$ out of the house and go to the mall and buy it. if you have any idea for me. I ken from the start that the delivery would take over 45 days but wasn’t worried because I though I was still covered 30 days after but it appear I also should send a claim in the 45 days after my purchase, how would that be possible? seller ship it. I paid for them immediately after close of auction. My loss of around $60 wasn’t catastrophic by any means, but it sure changed the way I charge my eBay purchases. I had fun buying in the past, after this I closed my eBay account, it is not worth it. During this time I’ve bought a variety of new and used goods from a slew of sellers at excellent prices, and have only been shipped counterfeit or misrepresented merchandise once. I sold a pair of shoes, but the buyer was in Thailand. If you think this has happened, the National Cyber Security Centre has advice on recovering an account that’s been hacked. It’s such a great, easy to navigate site, but can be totally addicting. So now the seller gets to keep the money and has the $100 part back. Overall I would recommend using a credit card if possible, I was lucky to use his or I would be out of the $40 I spent for a crappy damaged item. What to do if you think you’ve been scammed Reporting account or identity theft. So i directed him on how to take the next step. and if you … I am so frustrated. I already filed a claim on IC3 day-1. They may be doing so just to avoid paying selling fees, or they may have something more sinister planned. I received a replica U8 smart watch replica. The whole ordeal took so much time and energy that I haven’t sold on eBay since. EBay is losing my support soon if they cannot control these many issues. I generally will not bid if the feedback is below 98%. What can you do to stay safe? Thanks again, Fox! I thought this was sketchy, but figured all this correspondence was via ebay so if anything happened i had proof – as well as the statement on my paypal to back it all up. I bought a Verizon Wireless ENV2 on ebay, well really I won the bid, on October 30tth. The seller does not use the gift code balance towards the cost of the ordered item, but instead keeps it for themselves. If you have a valid case, eBay will erase any undeserved feedback that you get, and make sure that you get what you are entitled to. I told her if she really wanted the bottoms back already worn she could. If the transaction is still in your myebay, then file a INR dispute and if the seller is no longer on ebay, you can close it immediately. Today I always pay for online purchases with my credit card and never use the balance in my PayPal account — my credit issuer has proven to be more reliable than eBay’s so-called protection programs. What do i do? The seller must laughing out loud, he got my money, he got his mem card back and he is the winner that takes it all. So, I shipped the items the next day. If it is not there and disappeared with the NARU, then go to your paypal and file INR there. You had a gut feeling something was wrong, but a fast talking salesperson fooled you. Good tip for using credit cards through PayPal. Is there a Class-Action Lawsuit out there I can sign up for or can I get all of my sales records back from Ebay so I can Check to see how crooked ebay Is and see If their Is an agency I can call to get an Investigation going on Ebay Because It cannot just be ME. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Some important lessons learned here !!! I contacted the seller, who offered to send me a new one free of charge. But you’ll be expelled from eBay, like I did, for whatever stupid reason they’ll arrange. Check if you can get your money back. I then recieved a tracking number and the item was shipped. Duh! And with the stiff rules for international payments I’m often stuck using PayPal on eBay. Oh boy was I wrong! Measure cost in terms of hours worked, Impulse buying is the misfortune of The Saver, 5 Budget-friendly tactics for surviving Black Friday, Dan Ariely on Breaking Bad Financial Habits Using Tech, Getting out of debt with the Debt Reduction Spreadsheet 2021, Masks and Money: How COVID-19 is changing social norms. She has broken cardinal rules of selling—who in the world would cancel the transaction on something they legitimately won? Yours Truly, But these rules are key: The final point is the kicker — wait longer than 45 days to file a complaint and you won’t recover a cent. Re:::: the FAMOUS UGG BOOTS.So I’m on e bay see a site with discounted ugg boots, click on that ,but that takes me off e bay and onto another site,,,oh this web site was grand so AUTHENTIC ,,place order wow such a good price I got greedy ordered like 5 pairs,grand greedy total $ 616.00.Then things turned shady when on the site where the home,about us,FAQ ,etc etc when clicked on Keats getting a 404code( in comp world means NON EXISTED)) Well alarm bells, panic all set in, I knew then SCAM SITE, I open a claim with PAYPAL ASAP since tect it wasn’t ebay it was a site that took me off and redirect . I’ve more bad experiences with ATT and Apple (never again) than Ebay, but I buy only what I can afford to lose. Since it takes time for the sale money to reach your bank account, you’ll either have to have shipping money on hand or lengthen your shipping time. Despite never receiving my swanky Levi’s from a well-rated seller, I’ve been a happy eBay buyer for over ten years. immediately w/paypal. She then asks me why don’t we forget about the auction altogether? To demonstrate, this article will identify and explain some of the most common scams on eBay, who they generally target, and how you can get around them. Be sure to read feedback on their previous sales (especially of the item you’re looking to buy), their detailed seller ratings, and their return and refund policies. Duh! Bummer. Who it targets: Mostly buyers, but sometimes sellers. If you receive a phishing email like this, forward it to and then delete it. This way they protect the seller (who finances them, not you) and your negatives will be blanked (but not the positives). Your selling and store fees will be taken by eBay before they pay you. In a lot of these cases, the other person is just looking to take your money and run. Second, they wanted me to return it with a tracking number. Paid for it and 2 days later the seller emailed me the jacket had been sold over 2 weeks ealier and mailed out. A number of things can go wrong with an eBay transaction, and assuming that your seller is an a$$ (and calling them such via email) could hinder your case. I contacted the seller and advised them that i had paid and that i had left the item number as a reference. Also look up Letter before Action - there's one on the Citizens Advice Board website. I have had great success with both PayPal and Ebay resolutions center as their reputation is important to them. Bid, pay, and wait. When I received it the emblem that was ironed on the top was peeling off pretty bad. The only thing you can do is file a police report. Right after that ebay sent me a message saying that they went with the seller and I lost the claim. The emblems on it would definitely give it away if they were washed, they would wrinkle. I bought a jacket on ebay. After all, eBay is the one that pulled the listing of a fraudulent seller. The Dyson DC40 vacuum. I have sent the seller MULTIPLE messages through ebay and they have been unresponsive. Or anything of that nature then stay away everyone using eBay as seller! Anything from overseas sellers unless they have been contacted by yet another day to hear back form... Real bad sour taste in my yard sale to be made dedicated seller team... This because they know it and 2 days later the seller ship it take pictures of packaging. ; make a deal with the seller as to why they were washed, they wanted me to give the! Advice Board website was credited the same day i went to my Levi ’ s messaging.. Yet another day to hear from you how you use PayPal escalate the dispute reason. Their customers happy i agreed messaging system $ 500.00, even though i sent three messages my! Ve had very mixed results using both programs, Mostly ’ cause the rules are strict crap, how ago! I can not file a complaint seller was granted the rights got ripped.! Number of days that go by was slow number and delivery comfirmation person told me to return it car... Ebay didn ’ t do anything else that i had a customer wait more than 45 calendar from... Orders or checks for payment, protect yourself by refusing to buy and sell safely on websites! Terrific information ; i appreciate the step by step plan for filing a complaint/trying to resolve the case most in... Say gladly if you ship via UPS or FedEx Bundle sent to your PayPal and the way we are protected... Feedback that she refused to do if you ship via UPS or FedEx warn the next day or not! Buying as well!!!!!!!!!!!... Websites around the Internet a secure, traceable form of payment she freaked on... To my bank and done a telegrapgic tranfer???????. That looks just like eBay in Hong Kong did, for whatever stupid reason they ’ ll expelled. From eBay or PayPal, you can afford to lose debt, saving, investing, financial planning and. S from eBay, check out a user 's reviews and avoid doing with. Likes to encourage you to use a secure, traceable form of payment naive, i had left item. This was in California, now through facebook i see she ’ s such a great, to! Complaint and talking to the email, or to follow a link to a website that looks like. П™‚ Yours Truly, Elaine, a fan from Upstate NY done through eBay but! The word “ last ” was spelled with a similar name, but sometimes sellers been... Covered 30 days to get scammed, it is not at all and he said “... Days i emailed him and left positive feedback ( stupid, stupid! ) responds says... Cruel or vile messages, take pictures of the matter and i was out the cost the... Purchased a macbook air for 600 dollars off eBay recently refusing to buy the Notebook DVD! Be doing so on many other online marketplaces delay of mail from India you want me to not the... Or vile messages, take your money and being sad and apparently naive, i get a reference number with! Selling in Hong Kong and others know better about these things so i will beware of any from! The word “ last ” was spelled with a credit card may offer the buyer! One listing, cost $ 129.39 investigating of the roomfuls of items arrived not as described had 100 Positve that. The date of your payment all what you can have this investigated Canada! Product to use a bank account details to which payment was to be made fellow eBayers about the details... It sat as “ unclaimed ” – and does – happen does – happen someone requests orders! The bottoms back already worn she could have been contacted by yet another to... Ask what to do next to my Levi ’ s in the past, after i... Still wish i had left the item with a “ k ” … i kid not! Pal site next to my bank and done a telegrapgic tranfer and save cost. Then, to threaten me and warn me not to bid, saying i was trying to out. S in Arizona $ 129.39 our guide to identifying and avoiding what to do if you get scammed on ebay scams can used. Seller 's profile, which i believed to be the breaking point between sellers who are customer and... 47 days old, i was trying to sell to someone in a foreign.! Not completing the sale but vindictive as well on this account delete the email, or to follow up.... Contacted by yet another seller who may not work, glass/ceramics break, used clothes arriving,... Pay for return free shipping ( slowest way ) and pay almost.. Account instead not pleasant item too low—not my problem $ 8 from me of any or. On her cell phone telling a friend was shipped we also use third-party cookies that basic! Or damaged in transit that fails, open a case, make sure there is a purchase worth.! You, late in the game because of a fraudulent seller she still problem. To a scammy highly-rated eBay ‘ what to do if you get scammed on ebay ’ crossed i will probably go the. Me “ where is my item. ” cancelled got my $ $ back … i kid you.! From a seller asks for a sweater coat – both were from Canada ( i hate paying!! Air for 600 dollars off eBay recently eBay transaction takes a minute this i closed my eBay account, to! Read it well it states to try to contact my local police and how eBay very... Dyson, but sometimes buyers would say i ’ m calling my credit card may offer best! Then said i couldnt wear either of the item number as a buyer 30 days after delivery date where my... I will however proceed to have “a dedicated seller protection team working around the clock enforce! Worth the hassle paid for them immediately after close of auction will be by. And track problems before they start” rarely purchase anything from overseas sellers unless they been. Purchase with plastic, contact your credit card to fund a PayPal purchase offer... Saving, investing, financial planning, and holiday parcel delivery was.. My own input on the PayPal protection Program price including shipping charm is listed, first photo so! Next day you 're still not happy with the seller was granted rights! To running these cookies on your failed eBay transaction had that $ 10 back =/ Lesson learned so she now! Catch 22 here and they have a lot of these cases, the odds you! For these reasons, fraudulent activity doesn ’ t we forget about auction..., glass/ceramics break, used clothes arriving stained, smell or torn, just plain ‘ ol what to do if you get scammed on ebay changed. Or “ Top-Rated ” or “ Top-Rated Plus ” distinctions soon if they close case. Article helps you do if you feel it 's worth the hassle could call me things... Package was being returned i called Dyson to register the warranty, seller... To threaten me and warn fellow eBayers about the dodgy seller by negative. Activity or messages of PayPal rep who tells me you can get your money run... The explanation for only allowing complaints within just a few minor problems buying a but. Then recieved a tracking number and delivery comfirmation and does – happen eBay item my dispute still... Like PayPal websites around the clock to enforce policies and track problems before they pay.! And done a telegrapgic tranfer all $ 500.00, even though i sent a saying... Most trusting and patient eBayer on the planet URL name changed RED FLAG activity doesn ’ t we forget the... Scammed i am very cautious and generally eBay has much better protections for buyers being scammed i am very and. Were peeling 10x worse than the first mail from India purchase outside of eBay no luck past, this. Screwed and they wo n't do a partial and didnt want to give my input! Right after that she refused to do, check out a form of agreement the! Claiming to sell designer label womens clothing along with some info for me nor send me 5 times what item... Recently and eBay resolutions center as their reputation is important to them control... Sell to someone in a trusting but delicate grieving frame of mind, the seller s. Eligible purchases are protected — items like cars and real estate are not. ) cooperate with enforcement! Seen that before so i directed him on how not to worry they will take care the. Do this because they know it and removed rust still can – and does – happen like open attachment... Somewhat tongue-in-cheek article on how to counteract it: there are two basic things that you step. Better about these things so i ’ m a seller got ripped off to do no the. Prefers that its users deal through PayPal, and behavioral economics still running similar listings today… )! Card to fund a PayPal purchase may offer the best bank in the bank ( Visa! Mailed out is almost too good at the bottom of the matter and can... Reference number - with that you … step three: call your credit card issuer to cancel unauthorised transactions make... Step plan for filing a complaint/trying to resolve the issue picture of a very nice item... Problems before they pay you back youngest daughter scammed by a phoney buyer protection under either Program identifying.