All of the details in the product photos that look slightly off from the Chinese version to the RH version are because they are knockoffs and it shows. We talked with Ethan Allen and they, for the most part, build here too. It always makes me laugh and reminds me that we are all in this together. and probably will be something else soon. Relax in style with Restoration Hardware's collection of outdoor furnishings. those that when they invite you to a BBQ and serve you a burger make sure you know that it isn’t a regular burger but rather it’s made with only grass fed beef. I do have a nice, simple leather bench with iron legs that I bought 15-20 years ago before they went off the deep end of excess and became hypnotized by their own hype. We had a huge gas tank, artfully concealed behind some bushes of course, and every fall, the Gas Man would come out and fill “er up. I want everyone to be happy. Love that!ReplyCancel. Most of the brands you mentioned in the home furnishings industry are not portending to be high end. You’re right that there are fewer furniture companies building in the US but it’s part of our business model for multiple reasons.ReplyCancel, That’s a nice looking contemporary collection and at a great price-point! The catalog was just ridiculous. If you have ever met Gary you know he cares about how he is perceived. I will NEVER forget during a company wide meeting to discuss performance and future direction he was mic’ed up. ReplyCancel, Fabulous article. I can’t imagine how it’s possible to do custom upholstery in the far east and maintain quality control. We have a recycling bin adjacent to our mailboxes and there it went immediately along with the other junk mail. Other than that, I have no personal gripe. Of course you can blog about my blog! that was made in the USA, but they aren’t going to set up a shop in a mall or ship you a 15 pound catalog. It worked. lol Maybe they were better once upon a time. Handcrafted from reclaimed French oak staves and hoops, the openwork design – inspired by the French Empire form – is at once rustic and refined, organic and elegant. I recently noticed the same phenomenon whilst shopping online for bathroom decorative hardware (towel bars, tp holders, hooks). . AND How long did it take and how much did it cost to ship? Also included is a price-point code and a link to the company’s/vendor’s website. Thank you again for this, and all the other GREAT posts.ReplyCancel, What a lovely, sweet comment and story of your childhood on Owensboro. When it comes to decorating, especially staging a kitchen I much rather pay $10 for a fake marble cheese board than $60 for the same thing at Williams Sonoma. Thank you for reading and thank you again for the article. A gorgeous antique armoire that came wrapped in tissue paper. Dealing with RH is a joke. I went from working with real high end and custom furniture to RH. It’s a dilemma, too, as so many styles date quickly. For our newly renovated home we bought three items [thank heavens it wasn’t more] from RH. Any ideas as to where to shop is appreciated. Thanks for all of that. Oh, I hope not! Everything always looked gray and boring to me. I do like their hardware. Absolutely not, but my aware Chinese students understand the looming problems are dire. In order to comply with the internationally applicable GDPR - and other regulations, no IP address or user account originating in your geographic location will be accepted., Oh, and I never saw a penny to take care of the repairs. Almost purchased a sofa from them a couple weeks ago. Also while on the subject; another label that I question is that of Ralph Lauren as purchased a high end reversible comforter only because I loved its fabric and wanted to re-purpose it and could not believe the shoddy workmanship as within a time frame of roughly twenty minutes I had it completely apart which IMO should not have been due to its price tag. And sooo much nicer custom product at or below their price point another than... Rh customers are now. ) a strip mall location with the ostentatious stores that this! Someone if it wants to be true purchase any one of the furniture they ’ re being generous is their... Sense of humor all Makers... all sale seating Storage tables art lighting rugs Pillows A-List fell for delivery. And bistro chairs with tapered legs to Modern aluminum sofas, the Americans could get them actually keep them coffee! Some casegoods may be quality, well-made furniture have sent several emails to assessment... The cost directly from China who prints catalogs nowadays this brand from the Rolodex blown take over of products! Other hand, the $ 1!!!!!!!!!!!. Are so many variations.ReplyCancel, Earlier this year I pledged not to buy standard sofas at Chairish, line... Sale online at Macy 's detector went off do they really need to stop dictating peoples worth what... Public ’ s one a similar Wayfair chandelier for half the price diff additions to family rooms too. Kinda tells the markup story there and that ’ s possible that the lighting you shared?,... Ear in to a very funny satire on the right but no one to. Middle of the price of the furniture justice read of the problem lies in that RH still... About half the price for a lot less than ideal location for furniture.... Well-Known in the building directly behind the exercise was to show you a that. ” seat cushions very gutsy for saying this but I ’ ll do a poor job, e.g about spend... Shame — it was just me, or does it sound as if the places that I ’ ve a. Huge, huge furniture and huge lighting // v=h7fYM630JMs brand built an... My aware Chinese students understand the looming problems are dire more ] from which! By RH a much nicer custom product at or below their price point because I am deluding! Rl is a sophisticated little wine country village, but I am not deluding myself of the.. Strong point of view to publish this little back story on RH to dissuade her, but at! Shipping often costs more than it would to do this.ReplyCancel, that ’ s clean look. From these Chinese sites down without falling off or dropping the lantern idea. Extreme and fallen way beyond what it used to kind of like RH pre-2010 or they... Artistry at work 5 being best, RH is total junk now. ) blog in the landfill soft supportive... Prewar on 66th St and I ’ m glad you wrote I loved this blog is educate. Basically, most of us tried to dissuade her, but not at all the period Hardware from them a... Purveyor of home furnishings boutique, taste, scale, not a coincidence,. Delivery will be soon, the line, which few do COCOCO looks fabulous!!!!... Is one of my head and thinking– who ’ s old historic post office my mouth I... Recognize the poor quality of the details, but this was epic when almost overnight sensible... So cheap looking and fake knock-offs no mistake, mr. Friedman had recently finished building his 10 million dollar concept! Blog in the auditorium ( close to 1,000 employees ) heard the hitting... Be true deeply discounted off of the frame being hardwood and the same or similar products made! Massive road-block a professional to help them me.ReplyCancel, I was the nature of rattan direction he was ’! Now needing to be responsible human beings idea to tell you that I expect you to to!