This eyebrow shaping kit has everything anyone can possibly need to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape. Ideal For: Eyebrows - for Precision Eyebrow Shaping. Holding skin taut, quickly The Nad’s Facial Wand contains the Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel in a streamline applicator. Nad's' Eyebrow Shaping Kit - Eyebrow Pencil + Eyebrow Shaper - Facial Hair Removal For Women - Shape, Fill & Brush Brows - Includes Cotton Strips + Cleansing Wipes + … The product is affected by humidity. at least 3mm long). The thing that differentiates Nad’s from all the other eyebrow shapers in the … It includes the popular Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper, Brow Pencil and post wax Moisture + Soothing Balm. Thoroughly clean your eyebrow using Nad's Cleansing Wipes. Do NOT use on sunburnt skin, dry, flaky, broken or irritated skin, over warts, pimples, moles, varicose veins or wounds or if you have previously experienced No heating. Up to 24 Treatments. Washes off in water. Did you remember to keep the skin taut as you pulled the strip off? Nad's Precision Eyebrow Wax Wand is primed and ready to go with Nad’s Hair Removal Gel in a pen-like applicator that makes professional eyebrow waxing and shaping easy to achieve at … Why? Store in a dry, moisture-free environment and away from direct sunlight. The great value brow kit gives you the control and confidence to achieve beautifully shaped eyebrows in the comfort of your own home. We advise to trim the hair to 5mm, as longer hair will be more painful to remove and you might experience bruising/swelling/irritation. Nad’s is a registered trade mark used under licence. If sensation persists seek medical advice. Read reviews and buy Nad's Ultimate Brow Shaping Kit - Trial Size 6g at Target. To ensure the gel melts with your body heat slowly and firmly apply a thin layer of gel in the direction of hair growth (hair growth should be 3 Easy Steps for Beautiful Eyebrows. Always perform a patch test in the area to the area you wish to treat and it will melt with your body heat as it goes on. It includes our popular Eyebrow Shaper, Brow Pencil and post wax Moisture + Soothing Balm. 1) Nads Eyebrow Kit - $5.50 - Any at home beauty routine is not complete without a full spectrum of products from Nads, it’s my absolute favorite at home waxing system. Eyebrows. test before treatment to ensure you're skin is suitable. If so, you should not be using this product. The gel is thick and hard to spread - is this normal? Made in Australia. If irritation persists seek medical advice. Upper lip. Any excess will wash away with water. DO NOT store wand in the bathroom. they will also cause a change. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Nads Ultimate Brow Shaping Kit at the best online prices at ebay! Ready To Use Eyebrow Waxing Kit: No heating; just twist and go; ideal for eyebrows, upper lip, chin, Simple & Effective: Wax pen makes professional eyebrow waxing and shaping quick and easy to achieve, Salon Results From Home: DIY - no appointment necessary; removes hair by the root for up to 8 weeks, Precision: Unique SlimTip applicator releases just the right amount of gel for a smooth application on your brow and face, No Mess, No Fuss: Gentle mistake-proof formula easily washes away with water; reusable cotton strip; dermatologically tested. Wait at least 15 minutes, when skin is dry and moisture-free. place the Wand in a cup of hot water for 2 minutes, tip facing upwards, water level no higher than the ® symbol. Logistics & Customer Item Pickup Schedule: Mondays to Saturdays except for holidays - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Cash On Delivery/Cash Upon Pickup Available. You will find that it will be a far less painful experience then. Simple and effective to use for eyebrows, chin and upper lip. Upper Lip - for Embarrassing Upper L. Why is there a warning against waxing for diabetics? Within 3 days from the time of receipt of item, Product is malfunctioning or is Dead on Arrival, Visit the product manufacturer’s website and notify them through the Customer Support that the items are faulty. Follow these hair removal and shaping tips to create beautiful brows and home. into the air. In order for the Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper to work well on the face it needs to be a fairly thick consistency. Get it between 2021-01-26 to 2021-02-02. The gel will soften by rubbing the Wand between your hands for 30 seconds. Brow perfection. with the gel as this will cause the gel to become ineffective. Eyebrow gel leaked a little. Our salon quality brow shaping kit allows you to shape, soothe, fill and go! I came up with a pimply rash and/or skin was removed. No heating. Remember to hold skin taut with one hand and to pull close to the skin rather than up Occasionally if the Gel is applied too thickly, you may experience a little irritation or even bruising if you've needed to tug at the skin to remove the strip or not held the skin taut as you've removed the strip. If the skin has been removed then it is not being held taut and also the strip is being applied over the same spot more than once. I’m not being paid to say that, I genuinely found their products at my local drug store and bought a few brands and tried them all and Nads is by far my favorite. This kit is at the higher end of the price scale but, like the pencil, the kit definitely has the wow factor and, for this reason, it may be considered worth paying a little extra.