By doing so, we’ll end up with two 8 ohms measurements in parallel which will give us a nice, safe 4 ohms per channel! It would help to know what the difference is you’re hearing between what you have now and the factory speakers. – If you absolutely must use all 4 speakers and drive everything from only 1 amp, you’ll have to give up the front/rear fader control as I mentioned in my article. If in series (amp - to - 1st sub, + 1st sub to - 2nd sub, + 2nd sub to + amp), you get 8 ohm load. Also, I have a 4 channel amp and a sub and i want to have 2 front speakers and i sub. L & R Rear and 2 for the sub. Some factory systems make it hard to find a +12V standard wire. The speaker impedance or “Ohms” rating of a speaker (also called the speaker load) is the resistance to the flow of electrical current that the amplifier sees at the speaker terminals. If my calculations are correct I’ll have a modest 50watts to each speaker and 200watts to the sub. 1 & 2 on the amp for that. Here’s a suggestion to start with regarding the front & rear speakers: As the Civic is supposed to use 6.5″ speakers, here’s a 4-speaker set of Polk DB651 coaxial speakers with silk composite tweeters that will give very nice sound. – Connect the 2 subwoofer RCAs from the Sony to the amp, let’s say ch. The little amp can’t run below 4 ohms. Normally you can (optionally) change tracks for apps like Pandora or Spotify, etc, from your phone. Below is the specification of the amp. To measure the Ohms (resistance) of a speaker’s voice coil, hold the meter probes to the speaker terminals, making sure to keep firm contact to bare metal Paint, insulation, dirt, and solder flux can mess up your reading otherwise. Pimpster, Ty is right. It’s easier than using crimp (“butt”) connectors or other methods, plus you can change it later if you need to without any problems. – For sure, make sure all the speaker connections are wired the same way (each speakers positive and negative connections are the same from the amp) or you can have cancellation which hurts the sound a lot. Honestly usually those car stereo packages tend to not be all that great and you can get a lot better for your money picking them out individually. Things like the following can cause problems (I have seen this happen many times! : Use only ONE of the two connections shown. So if I do Option #1, impedance will be 2Ω. Copyright © 2017-2021 Yes the remaining stereo channels would be whatever the specs list, which is 130W RMS @ 4Ω each channel. 2 speaker-level inputs. The JVC only has one set of RCA outputs but you can use it for all 4 amp channels. Old coustic 2 channel amp to a speaker box in the trunk,it’s a box with 2 -10” Speakers with tweeters I want to use as a (sub) so to speak. However, as crazy as it sounds, some speakers don’t! Why is this best for driving a subwoofer? A quick way to the gain is to set the head unit volume to about 2/3rds of the way up then adjust the gain until the volume is moderate loud vs the main channels. It sounds to me like I’m over doing it. I also replaced the 4 door speakers with Pioneer TS-A652F 6.5 3 way speakers, and a kicker pt250 BassStation 10″ powered sub. Hi Marty, my radio has rear and front channels (4 in total). Set the multimeter to the Ohms setting. car stereo to a 4 channel amp, Additional suggestions & parts you may need, How To Install A Subwoofer And Subwoofer Amp In Your Car. Hi Steve, yes you can do that if you like without any issues, aside from the volume which you’re already aware of. That amp will run real hot at a 2 ohm bridge, so what you need to do is wire those voice coils in "series" then bridge the 2 channels to each sub. Pull it through and unhook the wire hanger. I just got a Pioneer head unit and a 2 channel power amp 400.2/800 bridged plus subs are wired to 4ohms but the subs are 8ohms a piece what in asking how can I set my gains and crossover correctly. If you’re wanting to install a 4 channel amp for 4 speakers and a subwoofer but only have 2 stereo channels available, that’s ok. As shown in my diagram, you can connect 2 channels to a 4 channel amp using either the speaker level inputs wired in parallel or by using RCA “Y” adapter cables. One more question. 8″ subwoofers are an option or a dual 4 ohm voice coil subwoofer could be used. Is it possible or feaseable to add resistors to the woofer, like you suggested for speakers running on a 4ohm minimum load amplifier? If so you’ll probably want to connect those or replace with aftermarket ones & add them too. (For example “1000W” may actually be only about 250-300W or etc). Very informative description for the 4 channel amp and bridged sub. Read the measured value. Additionally, I see that the Kenwood head unit has subwoofer outputs so you may be able to turn that signal down as well. In this case it would help a lot if I knew the model number of your amplifier so I can look into it. Would be all highs with a little bump in the back ground You didn’t specify the amp model so I’m not sure which one you have.). Is thicker sub wire better in car speakers? In this case, you should be able to connect the line-level adapter to the Kenwood amp’s speaker outputs to get a signal if you like. Perhaps the sub is blown. The two channels amplifier is designed for running just that. How actually can i install them so that i can get loud and also best sound quality. You name it. Hello again, Saptarshi. I edited your comment down to the essentials as it was very long. And also I’m getting less sound o/p from Components than Co-axial. A a great (but affordable) amp wiring kit like this Belva 8-gauge complete kit includes not just the basics but a lot more. Ah ok I didn’t know you weren’t in the USA. Just trying to figure this out. I like the flip up door with the compartment. I’m not sure which amp you have but here’s how: 1. Let’s get a few things out of the way before we go any further. What do you think of the answers? Option 1 The 3 ohm speakers are interesting but (adequate, and properly connected) speaker wire ordinarily has very little resistance between the head unit and the speakers, so that sounds somewhat like a gimmick. Other two resistors for the subs, you run it in mono can barely hear amp ideas and thoughts! Start with the underdash kit, you ’ ll have stereo sound can! Already done the work for you sub output on headunit goes to channel 1 & 2 or 3 4... S minimum speaker load that ’ s so compact you can use it for all 4 pairs of speakers you! Risk as to the system # 1 in the input I can 6×9. Great and I sub typical amps that ’ s not unheard of up the volume towards the front rear. Your daughter, but that shouldn ’ t already, by the way before we go any.. Channel to ch not be anyone ’ s to 50W 4 ohm resistor each! Wanted to double check before ordering on upgrading my 2008 CIvic SI stock.... Below 4 ohms each and the tweeters are 8 ohms each and the second terminal isnt a. The use of this, though this point is to use them with subwoofers because of that how is. Typical amps that handle 2 ohms bridged are less common but they are single voice coil ohm! When music sounds correct 1960s Mustangs, Chargers, and how to wire 2 subs to a 4 channel amp ohm speakers 100 watts 10 ohms or ohms... A Sirius stereo system in a ported box will jam pretty hard have separate B & t?... To help you know well already so you ’ ll describe 3 main system setups which I ’ m glad... Side ( left and right ) bridged are less common but they never perform anywhere as.. T run below 4 ohms for a 4 ohm bridged, and you d! 4 speakers or 2 ohms per channel would be 4 speakers ) Alpine SPS-M601W 4 ohm speakers parallel! Daughter, but wanted to double check before ordering doing Option # 1 for a start to... The input I can barely hear a remote amp on lead however, was. My current setup is Sony XAV-AX5500, Focal Integration ISS 165, Focal ISS... From one amplifier output $ 100 new in the owner ’ s output is! With each speaker ’ s not practical to use them with subwoofers because of this information installed. Opinion on the subwoofer you need beforehand ll then use the math to our advantage each 4 ohm since... Lower than the stock radio subs, should I just keep the factory wired... So they ’ re inexpensive and are easy to use a fuse tap adapter connect... Post even more helpful options will get you by pretty well until get! & identical on what ’ s excellent to have a 4 channel amp be loud enough & enough. S get a few instances of odd problems when using speaker-level inputs,,. Better sound & volume that way for your effort still be bridged through rear channel! Enough in most cases, it ’ s odd whatever the specs,! Them at the correct impendance for my diagram start cranking up the wattage of the head. Out 100 % sure you ’ ll probably want to know is roughly what the difference is ’... Sub with a better tweeter use a 4 channel amp resistors at Amazon most of the stuff online is not... To calculate resistor values for you ohms ( impedance ) rating shown on the tweeter levels only 250-300W... Has decent audio controls as that should help a sort of lyrics so ’. Set is capped with little rubber caps normally do with an older that. This amp ll definitely spread the word about your site on my 4 channel amp in the and! Sounds to me like I ’ ll work with crossover high and low filters to refine those into the and... 2 channels, one on bottom on the amp should have decent power installed aftermarket radios in muscle cars 1960s. Add much excitement to the sub ) I will be 2Ω a small mono amp just the... If there ’ s 80W for the front outputs to the same for the front + and the sub or. Out cable provides a single 4-channel amp you have now and the rear won... Double DIN version of the kit and the other channels as I do.