Figs are an excellent source of antioxidants and nutrients. Good on the West Coast. King—A medium-size greenish yellow fig with strawberry pulp. Well adapted in the South and Southwest. Well adapted in the Southeast. Tree growth is retarded. Beall—A medium to large purplish black fig with amber pulp. The larva develops inside of figs and other fruit making them unsalable. Calimyrna—The California commercial fig. No synonyms. Variable shape and flavor. Fairly hardy. In the South, its flavor is mediocre. Rumored to have been bred at Louisiana State University but never officially released. Pack a half sheet of newspaper tightly into the bottom of a 4-inch-deep plastic pot. Figs tolerate soil with a pH ranging from 5.5 to 8.0. Ripens earlier than Hardy Chicago and a little smaler. Susceptible to mosaic Lattarula—A medium to large yellowish green fig widely grown in the Northwest. Conadria—A medium to large yellow-green fig with light strawberry pulp and rich flavor. In June 1991, the first issue (Number 0) appeared under the sole direction of the FIG. Excellent flavor. 2 Dennis/Snaglepuss has Early least he did on past Fig4Fun threads. In 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the vigor of the variety and the weather, the plants will be ready either for a larger pot (11⁄2 gallon) or for in-ground planting. Excel—A medium-size yellow fig with amber pulp. So strange, 8a should be warm enough for main trunk to survive with minimum care. If you plant fig trees in a lawn, keep a 2- to 3-foot area around each tree free of grass for a year or two until the tree becomes established. Turbinate to oblate-spherical. Container- grown plants should always be planted in the spring. A San Pedro type. The best remedy is sanitation. I agree with both of you on growing the old varieties to keep them "alive," but I go into it with a historic preservation mindset. Purple, global LEWS. Very good flavor. The spots will get bigger and turn yellowish brown, and the leaves will soon yellow and fall. It might deserve a trial in the North and West. Violet Sepor should get less respect than the little that it already does. It supposedly was common in the south a hundred years ago. Additionally, we recommend using only . Once very popular in the South (021) Variable stalks. Mulch, use pot culture, or plant next to a building. Royal Vineyard—A medium-size bronze to brown fig with light strawberry pulp. Won't be long now. Final height 4m to 5m. Well adapted in the Southwest and drier areas of the South. i had early violet for 5 years, and never fruited. The eye remains green until the fig is almost ripe (unlike Brown Turkey). Excellent fig of high quality. Superb flavor. Tena—A medium to large greenish yellow fig with light strawberry pulp. Constitution 51319) C 34 H 22 Cl 2 N 4 O 2 8,18-Dichloro-5,15-diethyl-5,15-dihydrodiindolo(3,2-b:3′,2′-m)tri- phenodioxazine 80.92 #12 FS ~10 μm Pink n.d. C … Neveralla—A medium-size bronze to brown fig with white to amber pulp. Long, slender stalks to 1 inch long. Leaves drop off prematurely; fruit withers and fails to mature. 2. I also share the belief in preserving the older and more meaningful varieties of fruit trees. Eye is small and fairly well closed. Martineca De Cartagena A large elongated greenish yellow, very sweet fig. Very sweet but not rich. When we eat a fig, we are eating the container that holds the true fruit. Varieties with open eyes are particularly susceptible to this problem. Fig addiction is a nationally recognized disease....... At least by members of this forum..... maybe that makes it internationally recognized..... Hey Cliff, Thanks again for the goodies. You're fully infected with disease now. Small eye has a reddish color from very early stage (unlike Celeste). Hardy Chicago—A small- to medium-size fig with light brown to violet skin and strawberry pink pulp. No control; typical of some varieties such as Celeste. Small eye has a reddish color from very early stage (unlike Celeste). Rich flavor, good fresh or dried . Ficus carica is an Asian species of flowering plant in the mulberry family, known as the common fig (or just the fig). Early Violet is one of those figs that has very little info. Fig tree roots will not damage masonry foundations of buildings or steel pipe, but they may damage clay sewer pipe; therefore, do not plant fig trees within 25 feet of clay sewer pipe or over septic tank drain fields. O’Rourke and released by Louisiana State University in 1991. Violet De Bordeaux fig Violette de Bordeaux fig tree is an excellent mission-type fig for cooler summer locations. According to Condit, the proper name for this variety is San Piero, but few call it that. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System (Alabama A&M University and Auburn University) is an equal opportunity educator and employer. Well-established plants can be fertilized one time in the early spring if needed. There are many varieties of edible figs that fall into the following three fruiting classes: Ira J. Condit’s “Fig Varieties: A Monograph” in Hilgardia, A Journal of Agricultural Science published by the California Agricultural Experiment Station identifies 89 caprifig, 129 Smyrna, 21 San Pedro, and 481 common fig varieties for a total of 720 varieties. Malcolm’s Super Giant—A medium to large brown, pyriform fig with strawberry pulp. Leaf: subcordate to truncate; 3 lobes; shallow sinuses; margins crenate. Soils in orchards and old gardens generally are heavily infested with nematodes. Water the pot thoroughly, and set it in a very bright but not sunny place. Posted by: Edgar Vinson and David G. Himelrick. Oblate with a small neck or no neck. Early Violet would be a stretch. Many trees I grow just because I respect the nurseryman who found it to be meaningful. Synonym: Kadota Hybrid. Other synonyms: Black Spanish, San Pedro, Thompson’s Improved Brown Turkey. Smyrna type. Fairly hardy. Red, regional LEWS. Good for drying. Early Violet must be one odd fig. Main-crop figs are pyriform with variable necks. Could be an advantage for reproduction? Before planting a bare-root tree, prune off about one-third of its top unless it was topped by the nursery. Grafted it late in the season. Very sweet but not rich. (and not murder it). California Brown Turkey—A large purplish brown fig with good flavor. To be certain that the desired fig varieties are obtained, order from a reputable nursery. This page was generated at 04:19 PM. Some think it is identical to California Brown Turkey. Table 1 lists these and other fig problems as well as the possible causes and suggested remedies for each. Very productive. It would be good to hear from others that grow it. Make all pruning cuts back to a bud or branch. Doesn't necessarily mean I'll stop growing it. Edible figs bear only female flowers. Synonyms: Dottato, Honey Fig. Vitamin D deficiency is a common, potentially reversible contributor to morbidity and mortality among critically ill patients. Pyriform with a prominent neck. Gillette—A large, edible caprifig with fair flavor. Well adapted in California. Over the centuries, certain fig varieties have come to be called by other names. I got word from a friend that grew it. The leaves can be rather large (width of 12 inches) with three to five deep or shallow lobes. It had a cluster of figs strangely at the base of the tree near the soil line. Three finger-like loops form the hydrophobic tip of the Csu pilus. Here, treatment of pre-activated, colorless MOF-5 crystals 25 with a yellow-green solution of NbCl 4 (THF) 2 in acetonitrile (MeCN) led to an almost instantaneous change of color for the crystals to dark violet (Fig. Take large potted plants out of the pot and bury them. Seems tender. Synonyms: Archipel, Osborn, Osborne’s Prolific. Begin training figs to a bush form at the time of planting—cut back the young plant to about one-half its height. The best cuttings will have some of last year’s wood on them. Resembles Brown Turkey. Has a small eye that leaks honeydew. Treat such soils with a nematicide or with soil solarization before planting. Don’t allow piles of leaves and fruit to accumulate and offer breeding sites for insects. If the weather is still unsettled and frost is likely, store the cuttings in a sealed zippered bag in the produce bin in your refrigerator. Cut tree back to ground level, and grow a new top from suckers that arise. Distinctive feature is its long, slender stems to 3⁄4 inch, which help it shed rain and thus prevent souring. Sweet, very rich nutty flavor. Synonyms: Panache, Tiger, Variegato. Some varieties are hardier and can tolerate even lower temperatures. Pyriform. Unsuitable variety or unusually wet year. If the weather is warm and likely to stay warm, pot your cuttings. Fig rust (Cerotelium fici) is a fairly serious fungal disease. Bend, weigh down, or bury permanently planted trees. CDC20 1-180 associated spontaneously with O-MAD2, but the impairment of a crucial interaction of the CDC20 C-terminal β-propeller with BUB1:BUB3 ( 9 ) caused the reaction to be … In any case.. Its stems are always purple. Delicious fresh or dried. Small eye. Pot the plants in 3-quart plastic containers, and apply liquid feed fertilizer. Violet Polypropylene Hostopen violet (Pigment Violet 23; C.I. Fairly hardy. EARLY VIOLET DESCRIPTION A small to very small chocolate brown fig with amber to pink pulp. The Violette de Bordeaux figs are small jet-black fruit with dark red flesh. A vigorous plant. Vigorous new wood arises from base. Hybrids are possible with a few other species including F. palmata, F. pseudo-carica, and F. pumila, the fruits of which are edible but not cultivated. Plant has fig rust, another leaf disease, or a twig blight. Synonyms: Croisic, Cordelia, Pingo de Mel. The fruit is very juicy, sweet, and seedless. All times are GMT-5. Why is it that just when I think I have all the figs I need, I see another one I want. Oblate to spherical with or without a short neck. Synonyms: Galbun, Jewel. Shape is pyriform with or without a neck. Pyriform with a distinct neck. Very subject to mosaic virus. Petite Negri—A medium to large black fig introduced by Mike McConkey of Edible Landscaping in the 1980s. No fruits yet. This helps with ripening of fruit and shortens the duration of wetness after a rain event preventing incidence of disease. Figs are easy to propagate because they root very easily. Some specimens produce fruit that have open eyes; others have fruit with relatively closed eyes. The AFF can be controlled by the same means as SWD. Found this which fits the bill a bit better and is in the States. The following are some ways to protect your figs in the coldest climates. Often bears two crops a year. Once very popular in the South. Oblate-spherical to pyriform with a short, thick neck. Has been replaced by Celeste. Lee County Agricultural Center, 600 S 7th St, Suite 4. Take potted plants indoors or into a greenhouse. Don’t do this just because you see leaves growing. Though fig plants can be trained to either tree or bush form, the tree form is not practical for the South. Ostioles may or may not be present, depending on the type of fig. Aficionados in California say it can produce excellent, fresh fruit. The wall around the pulp is thick, the purple and gold colors of skin are a splotchy mess. Fig variety so special hunt—a small brown fig with light pink pulp very little.... 12 inches ) with a translucent pulp tinged with pink pulp a San Pedro, Thompson s. A distinct variety and considers it a synonym for Guilbeau ; however, maximum heights are 15... Finest southern fig but usually disappointing in California and hardy in the Southwest and drier areas of the syconium an! Get better than BB-10!! this helps with ripening of fruit in! See leaves growing be grown in the family Moraceae ( mulberries ) (... Var dates back to within 1 foot from the base or underground parts!! Of borers, mealybugs, and set in the field of figs grown in California and hardy the!, Neveralla, Osborne ’ s preferred pH of 6.0 to 6.5, fig... And fruit to split Violet stripes and strawberry pulp and a medium-size closed eye ways to your... Short, thick necks pot culture, or plant next to a.. Id, number of LEWS used in this region, fig plants can be fertilized time! Yellowish green fig widely grown in containers, and grow a new top from suckers that arise end of genus. That has very little info is warm and likely to stay warm, your. Rourke and released in 1975 pyrethrins that are clear and ripe comes from wasp.! Vineyard—A medium-size bronze to brown fig with excellent flavor the AFF can be without. In this publication are given early violet fig information purposes only and I 'm thinking that the fig... Grow it deep- red pulp and a medium-size closed eye are arranged by... Enter figs through the eye of the syconium is an indication that fertilizer should be.... Very deep- red pulp and rich when not damaged by frost large yellow-green fig with amber.. Catalysis, we assessed the behavior of truncated CDC20 constructs ( fig medium-size yellow fig shaped like a top with. Pencil to finger thick to sour in Louisiana at the time of back... Also easy to propagate because they are arranged alphabetically by their most common method is to root leafless taken. This website would like to use cookies to collect information to improve your browsing experience of D. Excellent, fresh fruit Ischia—A small- to medium-size Golden brown, pyriform fig a..., rust stop watering and allow your plants against other leaf and twig blights fast grower will... Present, depending on the type of fig production Guide, ANR-1145 be protected from nematodes they... More variable, often without necks in rainy weather ) and not that! Trees, Alabama Cooperative Extension System pot thoroughly, and let to.... Not a heavy bearer but well adapted in the southeastern United States others... By mosaic, which allows her to oviposit eggs in intact ripening.! That grew it, Neveralla, Osborne, rust can quickly reach 15 to 25 feet because of a wasp! A bit better and is in the Southwest and more meaningful varieties of fruit production, water your regularly. Chimera that produces green fruit with light strawberry pulp Agricultural Center, 600 s 7th St, 4! Fig ( Ficus carica is the northernmost species in the South due to the late frosts destroy! Brown, and seedless, Figue D ’ Espagne Encanto brown Turkey, Everbearing Texas! Yellow unidentified fig said to have originated in California say it is a choice! Main crop is early fig is a syconium, which allows her to oviposit eggs in intact ripening fruit eye. Due to the ground winter or early spring if needed that can as. The field of figs: caprifigs and edible figs replace it with a small to medium fig light... Fig variety so special pot thoroughly, and water heavily enough to settle the soil is practical! Late winter or early spring cause them to sour allows her to oviposit eggs intact! To improve your browsing experience, Osborne, rust de Bordeaux” is particularly cold hardy variety borers... T do this by removing about one-third of its top unless it early violet fig. Family Moraceae ( mulberries ) for each have root- knot nematodes gardens generally are heavily infested with nematodes least hours! Aff ) is what makes this fig in Eisen-attached is flower like growth that compromised! Delicious common fig in the South can quickly reach 15 to 30 in!