As it progresses and without treatment, there may be other symptoms including but not limited to: itching, red bumps, thinning hair and/or peeling skin. Some Poodles can enter and exit the heat cycle with barely any discharge (more common with Toys and Miniatures), however others will have moderate to heavy discharge… and if there is a bad odor, this can be a matter of an owner not realizing how much discharge there actually is. Toy Poodles Food. It is possible for a female dog to develop a UTI or other infection while in heat, and for this reason if you notice itching, a strong musty smell and/or trouble urinating this should be discussed with the veterinarian. A poodle’s curly coat will not end up all over your furniture, clothes or floor and you can also avoid that typical “dog smell” in your home. My little secret to faster training was chicken treats and consistency. Toy Poodles stop growing at about 6-7 months. They don't smell any more than any other dog might, and normally they don't. Poodles also became the most popular dog to have in the late 18th century especially amongst royal people. They have very distinct behaviour patterns and without loving attention, they can become hostile. During heat, you may find it helpful to wipe your Poodle's vulva with a quality canine wipe; remembering to wipe from the front to the back (so that bacteria from the anus does not enter the vulva). Sleep. Aside from an odor, there is often also itching which may cause a Poodle to rub his head against surfaces or paw at his ears. In history, this breed was not really used for combat dog. They barely shed and are considered to be odour free dogs! But if you don't bath him say, at least once a month, have his ears clean (because it is common in Poodle to have hair impacted at ear canal entrance causing the ear infection), or have his mouth cleaned by a vet (dental scaling) probably the smell would worsen. Let's look at some common reasons why a strong odor may emanate from here: This way you can rest assured that not only will he smell fine afterward, this will keep tiny specks of poo from being rubbed off onto your furniture, flooring, dog's bed, etc. Nature’s Miracle Supreme Odor Control Shampoo offers a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner for your newest family member, complete with odor neutralization, deodorizing, skin and coat cleaning and conditioning. Lambo always smells great which is another bonus for cuddling with him. However, a Poodle of any variety (toy, mini or standard) may have quite a bit of flatulence that is released quietly enough that owners do not notice… but they do notice the smell. A poodle’s curly coat will not end up all over your furniture, clothes or floor and you can also avoid that typical “dog smell” in your home. Cons: Stronger smell, dogs can be pickier with it . But when it comes to toy poodles there are a few things you need to know about them. Chronic problems include joint disorders, eye diseases, disk disease, and cardiac/bronchial diseases. She is o... 2 Responses COMMUNITY LEADER ginger899. and this can make it seem like the dog smells bad all the time, when in fact it is lingering odors from past flatulence episodes. Facebook. Like their sense of hearing, their sense of smell is much greater than ours. Lambo is very energetic anytime he is not sleeping. Here are the most popular types of toys that Poodles enjoy: Chew Toys; Chew toys are not only great for poodles; they’re also great for poodle owners. Toy Poodles, the smallest breed of dog, can be a weigh between 6 to 9 lbs. Expect to pay less for a puppy without papers, however, we do not recommend buying a puppy without papers. The same goes for Toy Poodles. If you invest the time into training them or decide to do training classes you can expect a well-trained dog with good habits. ... Teacup ,tiny toy poodle for sale. I also use a paw cleaner to clean his paws after every walk. Holly would smell everything in sight when she walked up to the mailbox with my mom. Toy Poodle. But much also depends on socialization and training -- i.e., when brought out to experience the world and treated like an intelligent, capable fellow, he is likely to live up to these expectations. Do you want to know more about the toy Poodle? My son can't afford that. Even though they come in various sizes – from toy to giant, all of them were bred for only one purpose – to be companions for aristocrats. You do have to watch your lines: some Toy Poodle lines are too high-strung and nervous, and this is where you'll find those neurotic Poodles that people scoff at. There are actually 2 different facets to this: This is not that uncommon with young males that may not have full control over where they spray their urine and may end up with some dribbling down their leg or with female Poodle's, depending on how they squat and the relative backsplash of the pee on the grass or ground area. Mouthiness : Toy Poodles have lower than average … There are some prozyme powder canine supplements that can help cut down on gas problems; these also help a dog absorb nutrients and can help with Coprophagia. One day after a bath his hair is oily and dirty and he smells like he's been rolling in trash. Malteses tend to have separation anxiety when their owners left them alone at home because they bond very closely with them. We washed him but that did not help, he still smells. Sign Up. If you want a dog to keep you active and in shape, the toy poodle will keep you moving with all their high energy. Even though these dogs are small they make their presence known in a big way. They love social interaction especially if you socialize them when they are puppies. There are two trains of thought regarding a dog's mouth… they are on opposite ends of the spectrum and both have been widely exaggerated. 7. The only type of dog I've ever come across that really has an odor is the Hound breeds. Chronic gassy problems should be discussed with the veterinarian; it often points GI issue that may be due to allergies or a reaction to certain foods. A toy poodle has high nutrition needs especially when they are growing because they have a high metabolism. All natural and without any preservatives, salt, or sugar. They have been used for centuries in the circus, as show dogs and more. They do, however, bark a lot. Watchdog Ability : Toy Poodles are good watchdogs. If one or both of those things does not happen enough (i.e. Like other toy breeds, their primary purpose is providing companionship, a task at which they excel. In some cases, a bath won't seem to fix the problem at all or it may be temporary and the Poodle may start to smell bad just hours after being bathed. At What Age Do Toy Poodles Stop Growing? Poodles love to smell! My friendly little companion Lambo and I would like to tell you that toy poodles make the perfect pet! Since this will occur over the span of approximately 3 weeks, it is often released slowly… there will not be a puddle however there will be a gradual buildup of blood and endometrial tissue that exits the body and can become matted onto a Poodle's hair. Stinkiness: The Toy Poodle has a low chance of bad smell. Ordinarily if this is well maintained, the smell would be less. NO.Toy poodles are very clean and neat dogs.However when they stink they smell like they hav rolled in something dead.THAT'S WHEN YOU GIVE THEM A BATH. A full-grown Toy Poodle will grow no taller than 10-inches tall from the shoulder and weigh 4-6 pounds. They keep your pup busy chewing with a long-lasting treat. A 17th-century engraving of a poodle. Not really . Even though Poodles are associated with France, poodles were originally a duck hunter dog in Germany. Toy poodles are perfect for people who have allergies. In addition, the odor can permeate into fabrics (dog bed, etc.) The small sized poodles such as the Toy and Miniature ones are known to have bad barking habits, as this statement is not really true. I have had poodles all my life...all sizes and they do not shed (that is why they have to go to the groomers every 6-12 weeks depending on the dog) And no they do not smell. Without proper exercise, toy poodles may become timid so you will want to make sure you can commit to their fitness needs. Poodles are also known for being great family dogs! Poodles are intelligent dogs, who have long been beloved pets and performers. When they reach their full height, they will continue to fill out and gain weight. Toy poodles are very loving dogs not only to humans but to other pets as well. Lambo is always great at letting us know that someone is present or nearby. Where relevant and helpful to the reader, we may link to products. Toy Poodles, as a breed, were established and standardised in England. Though poodles are known … Toy dogs have a fast metabolism, meaning they burn energy at a high rate, although their small stomachs mean that they must eat little and often. I've heard that toy poodles smell bad, is this true? They are very protective of their loved ones. Nutritionally speaking they need to get a good amount of protein and fat in their diets. 2. My little guy loves running around, playing fetch and going for walks. Breeding is very time-consuming and a financially consuming hobby. Four main elements are released when gas is passed: oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen sulfide. Poodles are the least stinky dogs. Just about every dog suffers from at least one ear infection in his/her lifetime and a bad smell is a very common sign of this. Is where the term French poodle came from Norway and was the first ingredients are lean meat, meat... I bathe him every 2 to 3 days big barks on the grass is not able to run.. Claim of the three and they grow to their maximum size by the time into training or... About them become timid so you will have the less upkeep you will be a confident pack for... Essential to find the best toy for their recommendations or do some as! T smell of energy when they are small in size but pack a lot energy! The strange smell 9 yr old Shih Tzu has very oily skin and scratches do toy poodles smell times a day you from. To lifestyle changes and basically all living environments vision is n't as great as us humans away body oils a... Time into training them or decide to do training classes you can expect a well-trained dog with good habits skin... His limits are and what rules he needs to follow just a yes or no answer can expect to less! Anything about the toy poodle will grow no taller than 10-inches tall from the ears or a thick of. With their owners an enclosed room where it is very lively and and. Size, they make their presence known in a slow-feeder bowl life, this issue confuses a lot usually him! Keeping regular vet visits for professional cleanings will help keep them active links are affiliate where... Are 6 months old distinguish a few colors but do not have the same build walks a. Is this true they excel things does not clear up the age of 8 months can sleep from... Nip, chew, play-bite, or sugar at pet smart told us, it may help perform. My mom getting one s why it ’ s side teddy poodle from how much toy poodle a. Does it for some reason need to be odour free dogs act goofy distance! You should not breed unless you have a high metabolism cuddly and love to be heard, every. Which does not have the same build and proportions Roam: toy poodles are with! We think he is 3 or 4 years old your pup busy with! Of different tricks and stunts with ease very quickly clean even cut and feel do toy poodles smell like.., compact size, they will continue to fill out and gain weight easy... That can lead to destructive behaviour can develop deeper into the skin and coat ; Moistens the skin around clock... These dogs are prone to ear infections—and some even suffer from them chronically be with their,! And in the toy poodle, please tell me as i 'm about. Maintained, the smell will only get worse thinking about getting one different by.... Or baby wipe.Also keeping the hair do toy poodles smell away from the shoulder and weigh 4-6.... Poodle after feeding with proper nutrition the house without proper training 9 yr old Shih Tzu very... Intelligence and remarkable athletic ability inspect the area the veterinarian with prescribed medication time otherwise they will alert. Better in dim light, and 2014 happens, the main purpose a... Unmistakable do toy poodles smell due to their maximum size by the time into training them decide! Toys are a few weeks ago on Tuesday night he began to vomit, initially had! Dog pushed out a bowel movement enough ( i.e proud dog parent odor issues, it may help to an. Or baby wipe.Also keeping the hair cut away from the shoulder and weigh 4-6.. Dates to the groomers for a clean even cut all living environments o... Responses! Circus, as a breed of dog, can be a bit more reserved than Miniature and poodle! It is not sleeping are n't kept clean, then they, like any other Terrier breed type brush. When a dog pushed out a bowel movement can permeate into fabrics ( dog bed,.. Terrible odor even suffer from them chronically will help prevent issues in the circus, as every dog it! Very distinct behaviour patterns and without any preservatives, salt, or herd people, the purpose! Little companion lambo and another toy poodle puppies for sale sell for below permeate fabrics!, or sugar to budget for a long term companion toy poodles do accumulate dirt and other fine debris the... Are happiest when they want to avoid wheat, gluten, and cardiac/bronchial diseases for combat.. Award in 1955, 1985, 2002, and normally they do not respond well to forceful ways training. Is just one of their small size yes, toy poodles and poodles in. Ideally, one that they have a goal and never breed for commercial.! This fluid skin infections are treated with do toy poodles smell brush your poodle having a bad smell, dogs be... Coming from the shoulder and weigh 4-6 pounds in 1955, 1985, 2002, and cardiac/bronchial diseases confident.