On successful completion of this programme, students should be able to: Expected lecture hours: You will typically attend about 12-14 hours of lectures per week. To teach students the skills needed to effectively exploit database management system (DBMS) technology in an enterprise context. Firm Offers. This year’s Anthology, the 19th edition, titled ‘Out of Self’, which comprises of 52 submissions, was unveiled in The Lewis Glucksman Gallery in UCC on Thursday, March 9th. To provide students with a practical understanding of the sales process, execution and management in global business and the role of IT in this area. 2019 LAUNCH The 2019 BIS Anthology was be launched at The Staff Dining Room in UCC … If you're thinking of applying for a … See Requirements for full details. You could be a business analyst for a consultancy company in Philadelphia. We organize educational and social events throughout the year for all BIS students business-school@ucc.ie show location map, Irish Management Institute - Cork Schedule. The main features of the new scale are that: The objective of the BIS placement programme is, Why chose a BIS student for placement? University College Cork. Cork. The anthology is sponsored by Bank of Ireland. BIS students have a well nurtured appetite for problem solving, and this relationship allows them to “cut their teeth” on the reality of using technology in organisations today. I chose to study BIS as I wanted to explore the world of technology, whilst also developing a business skillset. Uniform Commercial Code § 2-202. To provide students with a thorough understanding of the fundamental issues in managing the Information Systems function of an organisation. The normal closing date for receipt of completed applications is 1st February of the year of entry. In honour of this milestone, a piece of art from each edition has been selected for an exhibition at the Glucksman Galler. The revised scale, which has been developed collaboratively by the universities and institutes of technology, builds on the package of reforms announced by the Minister in April, and will apply to students who sit the Leaving Certificate from 2017. If you are interested in offering placement to BIS students, check out the relevant information: About CIEE (CIEE is designated as a program sponsor by the U.S. Department of State). After a challenging and enjoyable four years studying in BIS, what type of career can you look forward to? The anthology is sponsored by Bank of Ireland and Fidelity Investments. UCC Institutional Repository ; E-Resources ; Off Campus Access ... Wednesday, August 5, 2020: 2020/2021 Academic Year. To introduce students to the history and development of management thought and to explore the challenges of managing individuals and groups within organisations. Technology including Internet Development, Fortnightly Development Iterations (October-March). Please contact John to discuss hiring BIS interns to start in March 2020. (876) 906-3000 | direct@ucc.edu.jm Careers | Our Campuses---INTERNATIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) / UCC Foundation US Inc. 8077 Summer Bay Court Jacksonville, Florida, 32256, USA interadminoffice@ucc.edu.jm It will aim to en, For full programme requirements, please refer to the University College Cork Academic Calendar here. A focus on protection and response can be limiting, as organisations and governments need to be proactive to enable the use of resources, wit. 2 x H5, 4 x O6/H7; Maths, other language. What our lecturers say What our students say Hitachi CTO Bill Schmarzo BIS & SAP Internship Partnership - NUI Galway BIS Virtual Open Day 2020. They are dead-line driven and have shown tremendous initiative in resolving problems" Test Team Leader - Microsoft Operates to advise on how the programme should progress. Information and details of postgraduate programmes are given in the Postgraduate Programmes section of the University Calendar. Many students gain inspiration for projects on placement, through discussions with their managers and colleagues. To introduce students to the foundations of Asset Pricing and Market Efficiency. We organize educational and social events throughout the year for all BIS students Secondly, this work can be a stepping stone towards a more substantial research relationship with the university, where further resources may be brought to bear on the problem domain. Student Contribution + Capitation: €3,250 See Fees and Costs for full details. To introduce students to the concept of databases, methods used in data representation and data modelling. The State will pay the tuition fees for students who satisfy the Free Fees Criteria. For full details of the non-EU application procedure please visit our how to apply pages for international students. To provide students with a practical knowledge of the implementation and management of security and payment applications in business. Sponsoring organisations thus get an opportunity to prototype innovative solutions in a no risk environment, and students learn how their ideas and experience might be translated into an industrial context. Before embarking on their business placement, students will have completed three years of the BIS degree programme. Like to find out more? UCC 2020 - 2021 Academic Calendar - general.pdf: 836.09 KB: Last modified: August 19, 2020. Primary tabs. View all printable documents & forms > < Go Back. Liam Grainger. Cian O'Sullivan. To provide students with a practical understanding of design principles, methods and technologies for mobile application software. To provide an introduction to the object-oriented Graphical User Interface Design and Input/Output. County Cork, Ireland. See the College Calendar for more detailed information on the programme and the Book of Modules for a more detailed description of programme modules. MG2001 Forms and Documents for download BIS Assignment Submission BIS Placement Appraisal Form BIS Placement Overview - Europe BIS Placement Overview - USA ... Our postgraduate courses will be open for application in November 2020. Final Written Expression: Parol or Extrinsic Evidence. Dr. Joseph Duffy. MAIN CAMPUS 17 Worthington Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I (876) 906-3000 | direct@ucc.edu.jm Careers | Our Campuses---INTERNATIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE Our students are valued by companies so highly that the companies will wait a year for them, just to ensure that they get the best. To date, students have worked in many diverse roles including: Full-time EU/EEA/Swiss State undergraduate students may be exempt from paying tuition fees. The BSc BIS is a four year undergraduate programme with a paid business placement at the end of the 3rd year. Stephen Gannon. If you plan to transfer to an in-state four-year college, completing your Associate’s Degree improves the transferability of your credits you have earned at Union County College. To develop an understanding of the complexities and challenges facing individuals in their roles as members of organisations. BIS has a dedicated internal placement team to help you undertake a six-month paid business internship as part of the placement programme. This module aims to provide a broad theoretical and practical understanding of the key concepts and issues associated with managing organisational changes. To provide students with an understanding of the design, functionality and role of electronic payment systems, To provide students with an understanding of the design, functionality and role of electronic market systems. 2019 – 2020 Academic Course Catalog: View PDF Catalog | Browse Online Catalog. Multiple Roles GE. Please try again later. Interface requirements : for example, does system need to talk to other systems? This module reviews key methods and techniques that form the foundation for developing and delivering business information systems efficiently and effectively using an object oriented approach. It’s time to apply for graduation and attend the commencement ceremony!. Networking & Cloud Computing; Object Oriented Development and Internet Technologies (JAVA); Operating Systems Software; Organisational Information Systems Infrastructure; Placement Plan; Advanced Database Management Systems; Economics of Information, Placement Report; Final Year Project; Information Systems Strategy; Information Systems Management; Advanced Topics in Information Systems, Management Accounting: Planning and Control; Management Accounting: Performance and Decision Making; Innovation and Technology; Economics of Strategy; Information Protection and Information Systems Security; Information Systems Controls and Security Policy; Enterprise Systems; Enterprise Data Management; Global Payment Systems; Global Markets; Web Application Development; New Business Forms; Advanced Tools and Methods for IS Development; Software Quality and Standards; Principles of Interaction Design; Advanced Interaction Design; Principles of Mobile Systems Development; Advanced Mobile Systems Design and Development; IT Solution Selling and Digital Business; Technology and Solutions for the Sales Process and the Management of Global Business; The Management of Organisational Change; Leadership and Organisational Dynamics. For a challenging and rewarding career, BIS is the degree to give you these options. On that note, all 2017/2018 graduands and […] Benefits expected for users : speed, efficiency, control, quality, etc. Liam O'Reilly. The success story highlights Jacob Luther, a local athlete who took advantage of the "stay and play" opportunity that this … To examine the role of economic information in business decision-making systems. Starting with introductory business and IT modules, the first half of Year 1 is designed to ensure all students are equally skilled to successfully complete the course. To provide students with an understanding of how businesses are shaped by advances in web technology. IS1114 Many modules use other types of assessment including essays, individual and group projects, multiple-choice-question exams, and in-class exams. The module will examine the personal, group and organizational dynamics that influences leadership and followership behaviour. This section contains information on undergraduate degree and diploma programmes. This module reviews comprehensive concepts and ideas in the area of business systems analysis and design; it considers the Object Oriented approach to systems development. The BIS Final Year Project is a 6 month development project in which each student must manage all stages of the development lifecycle, from idea generation, analysis and design, through to prototype development, testing and implementation. To discuss issues in the design of accounting systems for advanced manufacturing and service settings. Speaking at the launch Professor Ciaran Murphy, Head of BIS at UCC said “We want potential employers to know that in hiring BIS graduates that they are hiring really talented graduates who are not only academically good, but who are also talented in other fields such the creative arts – from art to poetry, and photography to creative writing; and who we know will make a great contribution to society, education and business.”, Reiterating Professor Murphy’s message, Frank Murphy of Monex said “To succeed in business and make yourself a commodity that is in demand you must harness and embrace your creativity – this will have potential employers seeking you out.”, This, and previous editions of the BIS Anthology, have been sponsored by Bank of Ireland. The essence of the BIS Anthology for the last 19 years is that it combines the good with the best. As the graph shows, by graduation every September the majority of BIS students are in full time employment. www.ciee.org/hire/intern. The University of Cape Coast has released the List of Successful Candidates for the 2020/2021 Academic Year. 6 were here. The philosophy of BIS has always been to try to help all students in their self-development during their four years at UCC. Building on our long-standing relationship with UCC, we are excited to once again sponsor the BIS Anthology, which fosters creativity among students. You’ve rearranged schedules, balanced family and job responsibilities. EU Applicants: Application to Year 1 of the degree programme is made directly through the Central Applications Office (CAO). To provide students with an introductory understanding of interaction and interface design principles and development methods for desktop, web and mobile software. Uniform Commercial Code § 2-205. Communicate and work effectively to a professional standard; Demonstrate analytical and problem solving skills associated with effective practice; Engage in the application of frameworks and techniques in organizational settings; Demonstrate a wide range of information technology competencies; Solve business problems through design and development of innovative information systems. They are mature and professional. Mar 2020 - May 2020 3 months. Click here for general information about modules and a key to the terms used in module descriptions. You could be a software engineer for a technology company in Belgium. The range of careers, companies, and locations open to BIS graduates is immense. 4 years 5. BIS graduates work in many types of careers, in many types of business, in many areas of the world. You’ve worked hard to achieve academic success! The degree programme includes a range of technical subject matter and a variety of business subjects hence providing a broad curriculum for students. If you would simply like to discuss a requirement initially please do not hesitate to get in touch via email: j.mcavoy@ucc.ie or contact the BIS Department via bis@ucc.ie. The BIS Society is one of the largest societies on campus! Liam Grainger Final Year BIS Student UCC | President UCCCG Ireland. UCC Sandwich admission list is […] To introduce students to some of the fundamental concepts and techniques of Corporate Finance as they pertain to investment appraisal. To provide students with an understanding of how to build and use web applications to implement new forms of electronic business. Firm Offers. The 2020 BIS Anthology was virtually launched on 24th April 2020. Kev Walsh Accounts Assistant at FCOS Ltd. Ireland. To provide an understanding of how intermediate microeconomic theory can be used as a methodology for understanding economic behaviour in the modern business environment. Client : project client, name of company and contact details for project sponsor, Requirements : describe problem domain / business need. To give students an understanding of visual programming and user interface design. Full-time 6. The University of Cape Coast, UCC Courses / Programmes available for admissions in the 2019/2020 academic session. Contact the BIS Placement Co-Ordinator    Stephanie Larkin at s.larkin@ucc.ie  -for further information. The focus of their placement should preferably be related to the skills they have developed in the information systems field. Final year Business Information Systems student at University College Cork. To develop the learners understanding of economic theory and methodology corporate business, and to facilitate the application of economic reasoning in analysing contemporary business issues. The management of the University Of Cape Coast (UCC) has released the names of successful applicants offered provisional admission in various undergraduate degree programmes in the institution for the 2020/2021 academic session. Monex Founder, Owner and CEO, Frank Murphy officially launched the Anthology at a special event attended by students, their families, and BIS staff. This module gives students an understanding of the role of computer-based systems used in the operation and administration of an organisation. To provide students with a critical understanding of the key trends and developments in data storage for organisations. What is the problem to be solved or advantage to be gained? To provide students with the knowledge, skills and tools to engage in software process improvement programmes. BIS Graduate Roles include, Starting salaries vary from Approximately €25,000 to €50,000. To give students a practical understanding of web development. 2018 – … The 2020 BIS Anthology was virtually launched on 24th April 2020. Expected lab/practical hours: Once you join BIS you will also have practical/laboratory hours assigned where you spend time in the BIS labs working with hardware and software. Mature Applicants:  Application is made through the CAO and the closing date for receipt of completed applications is 1st February of the year of proposed entry. In fact, many BIS students have job offers before starting the final year of the program. For a challenging and rewarding career, BIS is the degree to give you these options. To explore new trends in Information Systems and practical systems development tools, techniques and methods. As a fourth-year student, I am currently studying an array of modules including information systems strategy, IT solution selling & digital business and the management of organisational change. § 2-202. Full module information is detailed in the section below. it continues to award Bonus Points for Higher Level Maths, To provide our students with an opportunity to demonstrate their talents and expertise to leading companies and organisations. Click here … Multiple Roles @ Gillette Procter & Gamble. § 2-205. business-school@ucc.ie Thirdly, working closely on a Final Year Project builds a relationship between BIS students and potential employers, one that is all the more valuable because it is practice based. UCC Distance Education Admission List 2020/2021 is Out. BIS Host Organisations. To introduce students to the concepts and practical issues involved in the management of local and wide area networks. BIS in UCC are committed to the philosophy of placement as an integral part of the undergraduate degree. Modules follow on from Year 1 (with choices available) but are taught at an advanced level, with the purpose of preparing you for work experience in Year 3. Activity ☘️Next time, before we buy a product online, lets check can we support local first☘️ Excited to share a project I have been working on, to let… ... initiative offered by Business Information Systems (BIS) in UCC, aims to give students a taste of what working in a team in a ... Read more . The management of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) has released the names of successful applicants offered provisional admission into distance education for the 2020/2021 academic session. Written exams will take place before Christmas and in May. Every year the Business Information Systems (BIS) programme invites students to showcase some of their creative work, and to express those sides of themselves less visible in their academic work, in an annual Anthology publication. In 2017/18 the Student Contribution Charge was €3,000 and the Capitation Fee was €165. 6 were here. 2020 – 2021 Academic Course Catalog: View PDF Catalog | Browse Online Catalog. For more information please contact the International Office. To understand the overall 'business integration agenda' of an organisation, the underlying principles of enterprise systems, and enterprise system project implementations. The BIS Anthology will be launched at  Creative Zone in the Boole Library in UCC on Thursday, 22nd March. To verify if you meet the minimum academic requirements for this programme please visit our qualification comparison pages. Selection of any module is governed by the programme requirements outlined in the University Calendar for each programme. To provide students with a practical understanding of design principles, methods and technologies for client - server mobile applications, utilising third party APIs. Click to view Issue 22 below. Skills students will have acquired through the first three years are: Meeting Business Needs This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the role of innovation and technology from the perspective of the economist. To provide students with a critical understanding of the key trends and developments in contemporary Information Systems. The BIS Society is one of the largest societies on campus! Organisations interested in engaging with BIS through the Final Year Project will benefit in several ways. EC2204 The management of the Univesity of Cape Coast (UCC) has released the congregation ceremony date and schedule for January 2020. Advisory Board To introduce participants to the fundamental principles of Accounting. Representing one sixth of their marks for 4th Year, in practice the project assumes far greater significance, as it is an expression of the students own understanding of the role of technology in organisations and society in general. Not all modules will have formal examinations. The CUBS Conference 2020 took place on Tuesday, 10 March in the Cork Opera House. The goals of this a four-year degree course are to: Our BIS Advisory Board, incorporating a number of the most senior Irish business executives, is there to advise and ensure UCC BIS courses are world-class, relevant, and attractive to businesses nationally and internationally. 2019: 409 9. International Students should visit the International Education website. To illustrate theoretical concepts in operating systems through their practical application in actual operating systems such as Windows, UNIX and LINUX. This feature is not available right now. This will help to minimise the allocation of places in higher education by random selection; it will encourage the take-up of Higher Level subjects through the introduction of points for the new H7 grade. The BIS programme ensures that it is responsive to the needs of business and flexible to reflect today's market requirements by seeking confirmation of its goals through external independent consultants. Email: BIS, Revised Common Points Scale for Entry into Higher Education. Course Overview. Learn, Study and Research in UCC, Ireland's first 5 star university. The good pieces in the new edition, like all the good pieces from previous Anthologies, bear witness to the courage and commitment of those students who had never presented their work before to a public face. Speaking about the Anthology, Linda Ryan, Branch Manager at Bank of Ireland’s UCC branch, said “At Bank of Ireland UCC, we support and continue to encourage and engage with the students on their journey through college, career and in life. Kev Walsh. At Least six subjects must be presented. Applicants should apply online at www.cao.ie. The University of Cape Coast, UCC 52nd Congregation Ceremony Schedule (date, time and venue) and registration details for 2020 have been released. ... Data requirements : eg. Deliverables and timescale. Where do FYP ideas come from? […] BIS UCC puts an emphasis on the development of excellent interpersonal skills for each student with personal and professional development modules in each year of the degree programme. The Management of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) has released the admission cut off points for the 2020/2021 academic session. The mix of technical skills and practical business skills on the programme gives BIS students the flexibility to work in a variety of different business roles or in a number of technical areas in sectors as varied as financial services, software, manufacturing, insurance and pharmaceuticals. To provide students with insights into the processes by which enterprises operate, deliver products and services to the market and adapt to external forces in order to remain sustainable and grow. Customers, products, orders, etc. The fee for this course is Student Contribution + Capitation: €3,170. Umpqua Community College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Jul 2017 - Mar 2020 2 years 9 months. Research Support Officer, Project Manager, HISRC, BIS, University College Cork Article Feed Joined August 18, 2020; Community standards; ... 36-month Horizon 2020 funded project. This is the shortest in academic terms. College life is about much more than just academia, so it is encouraging to see so many talented young people involved in the Anthology.”, Cork University Business SchoolWest Wing, Main Quadrangle, University College Cork, Ireland, T12 K8AF, +353 (0)21 490 3252 During the student's third year placement, the student is often offered a job by the company they worked with. Download the BIS Brochure 8. Do you have a requirement that could be tackled by a BIS student? To provide students with the knowledge and skills to specify, develop, manage and support large scale business applications. You could be a manager of an IS project in a pharmaceutical company in Cork. show location map, For more information on the new grading scale for leaving certificate students at UCC, Irish Management Institute - Cork Schedule, Business Information Systems (BSc (Hons)), Introduction to Information Systems in Business, Business Systems Analysis and Visualisation, Introduction to Principles of Programming, Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, Introduction to Technology and the Internet, Introduction to Management and Organisation, Object Oriented Business Modelling, Systems Analysis and Design, Principles and Practice of Systems Development, Object Oriented Application Design and Development, Consumer Behaviour and Sustainable Consumption, Object Oriented Development and Internet Technologies (including JAVA), Organisational Information Systems Infrastructure, Management Accounting: Planning and Control, Management Accounting: Performance and Decision Making, Information Protection and Information Systems Security, Information Systems Controls and Security Policy, Advanced Tools and Methods for IS Development, Advanced Mobile Systems Design and Development, Technology and Solutions for the Sales Process and the Management of Global Business, visa and emigration documentation support. For some BIS students, their artistic talents had been well honed before ever entering UCC. The 2019 BIS Anthology was be launched at The Staff Dining Room in UCC on Thursday, 28th March. 1. Business Information Systems 2. Candidates will be introduced to the uses of game theo, To provide students with a practical knowledge of the implementation and management of security in organisations. Applicants will need to meet the following minimum entry requirements: Mature students: Mature applicants should apply directly through the CAO, include a statement of interest and may be called for interview. ... 4th year student BIS, UCC. General operative at BWG. This is where a sponsoring organisation can play a crucial role in nailing down an actual requirement, with a clear business benefit. Approximately six places are available on this course for mature applicants. 2020/2021 - Book of Modules The Book of Modules contains descriptions for all modules listed in the University Calendar. We have found in the past that this communication process itself helps the students to focus on understanding the problem, and developing the solution. To develop student knowledge of Intermediate Management Accounting. To further develop student knowledge of Intermediate Management Accounting. To enable students to understand the importance of data modelling, management and governance practices in organisations.