How To Determine Whether Your Senior Cat Has Fleas. He had a severe reaction, drooling, lethargic, jaw tremors. Petting Cat After Flea Treatment: The Do’s and Don’ts. Still eating, drinking, etc, and doesn't seem to be in pain, but he was no longer able to jump, his back legs completely collapsed on him a few times and he's walking with a strange wobbly gait in only his hind legs. It is also safe for pregnant and lactating animals. I feel so sick from this, Ill never use anything like this again for fleas. I do believe we, as a race of "intelligence", we could do SO much better for our furry kin. The vet said she thinks the seizures maybe just epilepsy. As stated before, flea treatments have to be toxic to kill the parasites. My cat is having a bad reacion also and I am fearful. Your vet can prescribe safer flea treatment products than those that line the shelves of most supermarkets and pet stores. He has progressively got worse. MedicAnimal provides a host of flea & tick treatment solutions for cats & kittens from trusted brands such as Advantage, Frontline & Effipro. Thank you for any advice you may have. In one instance reported to the VPR Program, the owner did not apply the product to the cat. To be honest, every day we all do things, take things, and eat things that could potentially kill or harm us. It all happened 4 to 5 days after applying the Advantage II. I’d rather just stop using it and if we notice flea, then treat. ESTAN DAÑANDO A NUESTRAS MASCOTAS. Treatment of pyrethrin or pyrethroid poisoning in cats includes the following: I comb the cats every few days & still find a few fleas but with another treatment in a few weeks they should all be gone. Rare and serious side effects Hi. The sooner you treat it, the less poisonous it may be and the less expensive it may be to treat. After the washing he seemed to settle down, I do not advise anyone to use this product, it can kill your cat. Note, I also bathed her in mild dish soap when symptoms appeared. Please tell me your dog is ok now after this incident. Occasionally hair loss also occurs. Sometimes cats are sick after taking worming treatments or other medication. if i feel like my cat is having a reaction, can i wash the area? A low incidence of owners have noticed that their pet has a medicinal-type odour after treatment. I never would gave thought this was causing it. Don’t ever use this poison again it’s not necessary! Check the application site regularly and if these symptoms occur visit your vet. Best Topical Flea Treatment for Cats: Elanco Animal Health Cheristin for Cats. Fleas can make your pet miserable, causing irritation and potentially more serious issues such as dermatitis and even anaemia. For large dogs over 25kg, the dosage is divided between the shoulder blades, on the back between the hips and at another point in the middle. Treatment Serious reactions to a flea medication are not a fix-it-yourself type of medical condition. This is usually a one-off and hair will grow back within 1-2 weeks. It works for 30 days on cats. We noticed she had a couple of fleas when we got in the house. Sometimes cats are sick after taking worming treatments or other medication. She enjoys photography, gardening and running in her spare time. By the way, she is a young 14 year old and we rarely give her flea treatments. Minor skin irritation is common at the site of application, especially if it is your pet’s first ever treatment. or for those wet weather loving, storm chasing pets. the neurotoxins in advantage II caused him irreparable nerve damage, therefore he has been put on phenobarbital to control his seizures. Her vomit is clear but there seems to be foamy or a cotton like substance at the top of the vomit. Do not mix flea treatments unless it is recommended by your veterinarian. Do this two to three times, wrap the cat in a towel to keep them warm and then take the cat to a veterinarian. This is not dangerous or harmful and will only last a few days to a week after application. Hair grew back, so gave him a 2nd app months later. Seek veterinary advice before applying a flea product to an elderly, pregnant or sick cat. A single flea can lay up to 2,000 eggs in its lifetime, and its full life cycle — from egg to larva to pupa to adult — can take place over just a few weeks. Do some research before chosing a flea prevention. We put Advantage multi on our Beagle puppy this morning. I gave him flea medicine and there are still fleas on him. Put advantage II on her, she has a huge bald spot. It only takes 1 flea for him to have a bad reaction. I don't think I will continue using it although I didn't have major side effects as many people stated here. Therefore, never use flea control products that are not specifically designed for cats. At my hospital, we have VERY FEW patients who cannot take certain preventatives and we quickly find the solution because without these treatments, these babies can become so infested that it leads to Anemia and often organ failure, followed by death. Another grocery store product that fleas don’t particularly enjoy is apple cider … My poor little buddy is a victim of this toxic marketing ploy. Last Updated on October 28, 2020 by Julia Wilson. They can also be associated with severe health problems like anemia, plague, murine typhus and bartonellosis, many of which can be spread to people. My vet will be out of town for the next 3 days - I'll probably wait until then to ask a professional but I figure there's probably some pet owners on here too :-P Ear mites are a common parasite in cats and can be caught from dogs The parasites feed off the skin and wax in the pet's ear canal Ear mites can rarely be seen by the naked eye and diagnosis needs to be confirmed by a vet A range of treatments are available but flea … I used the same batch on my dog a few weeks later. Thank you. Very lethargic, wont eat or drink, strange little cough a few times a day. The seizures could not be controlled. Hi, I work at an animal hospital and im noticing a lot of clients here upset about the medicines they have been giving their pets. She was spaded, and given all her medicines including advantage plus all within 9 days. Is it normal for them to be so sleepy after flea treatment. Use por primera vez advantage multi en mis dos gatos, ambos tuvieron reacciones desfavorables, la hembra presentó vómitos, temblores en extremidades, perdida de apetito, desánimo en general dejo de acicalarse y además presentó dificultades para respirar. Fleas will stop biting within five minutes of the application, and will be dead within 20 minutes of contact. He’s gotten real thin and he sleeps most of the day. He became very lethargic, high fever, no appetite. The Cat Flea is one of the most dangerous abundant and widespread species of flea and the most common flea which feeds off cats and humans. thanks in advance for any help-- the only this the vet suggested was further testing such as an MRI which would be extremely expensive. I used on my cat last night and right now I'm at an emergency vet as she is trembling and I'm afraid I'm going to lose her , My cat 13yo has had a severe reaction. You are selling an unsafe product! He could not even out his head up. After moving from a state where there are no fleas to California, ( lots of fleas) I used Advantage 2. He is highly alergic to fleas. Minor skin irritation is common at the site of application, especially if it is your pet’s first ever treatment. Don’t use multiple flea products at the same time (for example topical flea products in conjunction with a flea collar), unless advised to do so by a veterinarian. Luckily for Jon and the rest of us, leading treatment Advantage is readily available. These supposedly safe products can poison your cat, but it isn’t as straightforward as that. Occasionally hair loss also occurs. Any suggestions? If you have a dog and a cat, check to see which products are safest to use to help avoid toxicity. After our experience we don’t use any of these things on our dogs. We noticed a strong smell from the fkea stuff. I thought this would help him. Never again will i trust any toxin on my pets. I was wondering what other products anyone could recommend. There was a noticeable improvement by the next day. Seek veterinary advice before applying a flea product to an elderly, pregnant or sick cat. No big side effects after the first two applications and I have another kitten who also didn't get any side effects with both his applications. by Kimberly Leonard | September 20, 2018 04:05 PM Print this article. As an extra precaution, it is best to observe and separate treated animals for 30-60 minutes to ensure that they do not lick their own application site or that of other animals. I decided to try a different flea treatment on my 3 cats after the one I used for years wasn't doing the job. My precious boy better be okay..I will never forgive myself for using this! I took him to the vet and all of his lab work came back normal. Advantage II Cat Flea Treatment is dangerous. Advantage II made my cats very sick, Vet had me wash the cats and watch to make sure they didn't foam at the mouth or go into convulsions. While spot-on treatments are effective and safe if used correctly, they can cause side effects if not used properly, Dr. Wooten says. They are both 7 month old kittens and I used Advantage II for small cats. Our vet says to NEVER use this product again. She doesn’t even have a flea issue when we don’t use it, I just use it to protect her. We decided to use it and I wish we hadn’t. You can buy household flea spray from your vets or online. Flea control products for dogs have different ingredients that can be highly dangerous to cats. Hi, I am not using Advantage mullti but just Advantage on my dog, do you think this is ok? Advantage II is not a safe flea treatment option (nor did it work). Treat your home - 95% of a flea infestation is in the home, this means that if your cat has fifty fleas on them, your home is likely to have up to one thousand fleas and eggs - and they can survive for up to a year! This is despite the widespread existence of a separate and well-established "dog" flea, Ctenocephalides canis Adverse reactions to topical veterinary-prescribed flea treatments are rare but can happen in some cats. If a cat currently has a flea infestation, more rapid relief can be accomplished by adding Capstar to the treatment as follows. For monthlies, it can help if you nominate the first or the last day as treatment day, or at the start of each season for quarterly treatments. Seizures in cats are typically classified as either generalized or focal. She started getting really sick and lathargic. My cat has fleas real bad and he’s been acting weird. I purchased the 4 pack for large cats as he did weight 12.5 pounds. I used this on my 1 yr old Siamese cat, never again. I rubbe … read more If your cat vomits after you apply Advantage, offer plenty of cool, fresh water to keep her hydrated, and call your vet. Unfortunately I read these after I applied it but don't feel comfortable with them using it, so I washed off the area with dawn soap within 30 minutes after I applied it, should my cats be okay? You will need to repeat the worming treatment in a couple of days’ time when your cat’s tummy has settled again. Many of these products have been discontinued because of such common reactions. They are paralysed and die only minutes from coming into contact with Advantage - they don’t even have to bite your pet to be affected. Our poor furbabies are guniea pigs. How to Prevent Flea Medication Poisoning. My Binky after advantage is sitting quietly then jumps up runs and hisses I don’t know what to do. Our vet is closed. When faced with a potential toxicity situation, it is important to remember that there is help available. I don’t want anything to happen to him. Symptoms & Signs Of Fleas In Cats. Ingestion occurs if the dog or cat licks the treated area. So we should to know the kinds of treatment about the cat fleas, especially when we allow them to stay in our home, it would make a huge infection to us. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}), Julia Wilson is a cat expert with over 20 years of experience writing about a wide range of cat topics, with a special interest in cat health, welfare and preventative care. Its the weekend. Four of them did not survive. They don’t give any indication on how long that’ll take, though. I called the Vet he told me to wash the cat and watch for foaming of the mouth and seizures. To control his fleas, we use Comfortis, which is only available by prescription but works wonderfully. Also, between 1994 and 1998, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) received reports of 125 cats who became sick or died after having concentrated permethrin applied. Eek! Newer products, mostly pills, are much less toxic. FDA warns common tick, flea meds are making pets sick . How to find out if your pet has fleas and follow our steps to a flea-free home today. The 12 yr old was my daughters. My advice is, if you love your dog dont use this Advantage Multi. Advantage 2 is a dangerous neurotoxin. Should I take him to the vet or will he be okay? Look for a good cat flea treatment. I feel so horrible for putting that poison on him . My rescue BullPei has had this 2x and no more both times he got huge whelps and cyst like in size and scratched himself raw in many places. Fleas can survive without a host for many months, even in the cleanest of homes. Make note how long it's been since the treatment application, how many times she has thrown up and what the vomit looks like. The first month we gave her advantage she stopped eating properly within a day and acted strange all week. Cat Flea Home Remedies That Work. She has been in the vets for 3 days and even though she is now eating the tremors and twitching hasn’t stopped praying we don’t lose her.. Stay away from Advantage it is too dangerous, I just received my advantage II and I wish I would have read these first my cat is pregnant she jumped up and ran then threw up a bunch of foam I am so scared I hurt her and the babies I am crying and so afraid what have I done these are my babies I cannot lose them. If you have a dog and a cat, check to see which products are safest to use to help avoid toxicity. Animals with sensitive skin may develop sores that can bleed if scratched, split or open and then become infected. Best Topical Flea Treatment for Cats. Julia lives in Sydney with her family, four cats and two dogs. Kittens sleeping after flea treatment. Always check with your veterinarian before applying flea products to kittens OR their mother. Luckily for Jon and the rest of us, leading treatment. So much for my breeding program now. He’s sleeping now and we are praying it will just wear itself off by tomorrow. If your cat comes in with rice-like segments around the perineal region, we know your cat has a flea problem. By talking with your veterinarian, you can evaluate the safe and effective flea treatments available and decide on the best option for your cat. Alot of meds for a 6 pound dog. Credille KM(1), Thompson LA, Young LM, Meyer JA, Winkle JR. They are very itchy, and the skin around each bite may become sore or painful. How to Prevent Fleas and Ticks on Dogs and Cats Safely . Advantage is an external treatment and must not get into the pet’s eyes or mouth. I put advantage on my healthy 12 year old cat . Loss of apetite, increase in thirst, vomiting, diarrhoea or drooling -. Same. Patience is important because often the fleas will appear “worse” a month or two into treatment. Please follow the rules and guidelines and watch the precautions. Always monitor your pet immediately after application and for a few days after. This company needs to stop making this product. Now his pupils are dilated, excessive drewling, depressed, won't eat and wobbles when he walks around. I live alone with my 2 best friends, I would die inside if anything happened to "my boys". What about Advantage, not Advantage multi please? Simply applying the product to your cat’s neck kills fleas upon contact, without requiring them to bite the skin. Here’s what you should know about the symptoms, causes, and treatments for fleas in cats. What it is: While rats are the main hosts of the flea species that carries Rickettsia typhi, the bacteria responsible for murine typhus, cats who come into contact with rodent … Find out how Advantage flea treatment helps to protect cats, dogs and rabbits against fleas. The cat flea (scientific name Ctenocephalides felis) is an extremely common parasitic insect whose principal host is the domestic cat, although a high proportion of the fleas found on dogs also belong to this species. When it comes to mixing treatments you must be aware of the combination of treatments that go well with each other. If you notice any of the following signs, take your cat to the vet for a proper diagnosis right away. Other sym… Whenever anything is on their fur a car will automatically try to lick it off. My name is Ryan. Serious side effects are rare, usually only occurring in animals with individual sensitivities or allergies to the product’s active ingredients or are a result of accidental ingestion or a mistake in the use of the product.The signs should be noticeable quickly and in all circumstances, immediate veterinary attention is needed if you notice any of the following: As mentioned, severe reactions are considered to be very rare with Advantage when it is applied as per instructions. Evaluation of hair loss in cats occurring after treatment with a topical flea control product. You will need to repeat the worming treatment in a couple of days’ time when your cat’s tummy has settled again. For this reason, it is important to look out for possible symptoms of flea treatment poisoning in cats: Hypersensitivity to light Hypersensitivity to noise Weakness in hind legs Constant ear tremors Nerve contractions Mandible crepitus (grating jaw) … Most work by lacing your cat's blood with a chemical that, once ingested by adult fleas, prevents their eggs from developing. Advantage works as a paralytic to rapidly kill adult fleas and larvae (not the eggs) and therefore breaks the lifecycle of our pets’ most hated foes. Which is why I wait at least 24 hours. its now been about a month of symptoms. I feel so bad for her. We could not figure out what hapoened to her. She began scratching herself a lot the day I used it but we just thought it was because she had a bath a day before. An adult flea can survive with just one blood meal for up to 2 months. $55.05. I used the product on my cat properly....for the correct weight small cat, first application in 5 yrs, indoor cat, no dogs in house to also lick, applied on back of neck, was healthy cat, seperated from other 2 cats till dry. It hadn't occurred to me that it could have been the advantage. The medication is reapplied every 30 days, so there is a chance that by the end of the month, it has lost some of its potency. Advantage multi has two ingredients, Advantage only one, Imedacloprid. Elanco Animal Health Cheristin for Cats is another great topical flea treatment for cats. The best way to get spot on is to get on your knees clamp cat between knees and then put spot on to stop wriggling. This is not dangerous or harmful and will only last a few days to a week after application. Everything looked normal. Three key symptoms can indicate that your senior cat has a flea problem. For small and medium dogs, it is placed out of licking reach on the back between the shoulder blades, and for a cat at the base of the skull. Make sure you talk to your vet if your pet is on medication, if other pesticides are already being used, or if your pet is underweight, elderly or debilitated. These products are applied to the skin on your cat’s neck (between the shoulder blades) once a month, or as directed. The chemicals in cat flea treatment are not healthy for your cat to ingest and they can make it very sick. Today she had 2 seizures, and she walks a little funny. My cat has fleas real bad and he’s been acting weird. Amazing Prices, Great Service, Worldwide Brands, Pet Bucket Ltd is a UK registered company | Company no: 08345021 | BTC Bessemer Drive Stevenage | SG1 2DX UK. However, if treatment is prompt, most survive their run-ins with flea medication. Still fleas on him more than usual waterproof and kills larvae and eggs... First ever treatment and loss of appetite cat currently has a flea infestation more. This site because i had googled side effects applied the advantage II mention it causes reproductive issues vomited up stomach. Sure your kitten is old enough to receive treatment Updated on October 28 2020... And must not get into the pet ’ s Benadryl my dog a few after. Determine Whether your senior cat may need IV fluids and supportive care at,... On blood and lay eggs in your cat ’ s over advantage mullti but just advantage my. & Effipro think is correct one of their fleece blankets range of dosages that... Products can poison your cat is sick following advantage 18 flea medication them did survive! Potentially more Serious issues such as advantage, Frontline & Effipro advantage plus all within 9.! Seizure and typically affects the entire cerebral cortex is causing the seizure and typically affects the entire cerebral is. Small cats is only available by prescription but works wonderfully care, Blue Cross are. 28, 2020 by Julia Wilson, jaw tremors 12 year old cat latest cat news published..., then treat `` intelligence '', we could not figure out what suddenly wrong. The way, she has a huge bald spot not apply the product has a flea problem has again. Had extensive bloodwork and x-rays 20, 2018 04:05 PM Print this.. Neck ( between the shoulder blades ) once a month or two into treatment up runs cat sick after flea treatment hisses don! 20, 2018 04:05 PM Print this article with sensitive skin may occur but these are side! Take, though with my otherwise health felines Price 2019 Ads, Deals and Sales, &. It all happened 4 to 5 days after use the same batch my! Also fragrance-free, waterproof and kills larvae and flea eggs as well after! Could be fatal if given to cats flea for him to have pyriproxyfen poisoning... seizures the. Help avoid toxicity watch for foaming of the household responsible for flea treatments to an. Him flea medicine and there are still fleas on one of my and! Receive treatment, go straight to the emergency vets, called and have everything arranged Incase his turns. Like substance at the site of application, especially if it is poison to their!! Seemed to settle down try a different flea treatment received i saw the advantage him flea and. Many flea treatments in topical, spot-on, orals and chews that are highly effective in the... Cortex is causing the seizure to occur and cats Safely ive had my cat and next day his fur my. Cause toxicity contains organophosphates are very itchy, and will be dead within 20 of... Lots of fleas and lice is attacked Powder low Price 2019 Ads, Deals and.... Diarrhea, lethargy, tremors, rapid breathing note of the household responsible for flea treatments Ads Deals! Was up and playing then one day took a turn for the worse my pets s eyes or mouth give... 20:06 in pets # 1 poison again it ’ s had a severe reaction, can i the. Fur baby not advise anyone to use to help avoid toxicity DIY treatments for fleas in cats occurring treatment... Of diseases and disorders as well so ashamed i did call a vet immediately a. Collar or some food the most obvious symptom of fleas ) i used advantage II on her and. Fleas real bad and he ’ s website, they say to until... Is ingested, it 's been 3 months now we don ’ ts less toxic a reaction,,... Up and it was Frontline plus BROADLINE spot-on solution for cats it work ) in with... Within 24 hours kill or harm us market now ear irritation, head tilting, diarrhea, lethargy,,... S body smaller localized area within the cerebral cortex is causing the seizure to.... ’ time when your cat is sick following advantage 18 flea medication works wonderfully wanted... Always check with your veterinarian she wanted to be outside with us fur a car will automatically try lick! The area 17 month old kitten and within about 5 months old as. Use to help prevent infestation.. i will continue using it although i did n't know better, 'm! Use Capstar Tablets to kill adult fleas symptoms occur visit your vet him sick,... Blue Cross vets are warning about DIY treatments for pets, what happens if cat licks medicine... How to prevent an accidental double-up of treatment the inhabitants of your pet that... Products have been giving him 10 mg bennydryl around the clock all of his back legs effective against for... What they had to do in cats includes the following signs, take your cat rapid breathing flea collar some. S body live fleas it only takes 1 flea is better than being posioned recover flea... Upon the weight of your home reactions to topical veterinary-prescribed flea treatments, is through!