Happens to me everyday. … [for example,] where tools are out of date, or there are other minor hurdles that take you on a path away from your primary task, but that can be traced back to that task. We’re talking about documents here. Fonts need to be authored. 449 likes. But instead of discussing complex issues such as coolant flow rates or electricity pricing forecasts, they spend an hour deciding what color the bike shed should be painted. I find, however, that ‘losing the plot’ as you so aptly put it, happens much more readily with affairs of the mind, where one is likely to wander off in thought. Subscribe below to be notified when new episodes are published! It’s still considered good and has a huge factor in the recognisable look of TeX documents. What does the algorithm do? Yak Shaving Defined - I'll get that done, as soon as I shave this yak. Yak shave 7: Avoid adoption of it for greater good, We’re not done yet. The second is ConTeXt, which is far more focused on fine grained layout control. Yak shave 1: Somewhere along the road, implement your own programming language…. It might resemble one, but mostly, it should be approached as a typesetting system first. ;) 06. Here’s a nice explanation. Yak shave -2: Write a book of the century. Community yak shave 1: Create not one, but two programs that are very ungoogleable… Before Google is invented. Here’s the way it was achieved with TeX. The first version of TeX was implemented using the SAIL programming language. Not everyone is a daily YouTube user. Yak shaving is a progranming term that refers to a series of tasks that need to be performed before a project can progress to its next milestone. "Shaving the Yak" can also be absolutely paralyzing if you let it get out of hand, because you start to see the endlessly recursing extending off into infinity and all of a sudden "I want to move this desk 90 degrees" becomes "Dammit, I'm gonna have to move to Tokyo". Yak Shaving Day. They describe activities that will probably seem familiar, although you may not have heard them referred to by these names. Interestingly, that’s what TeX deals with, it has no concept of a character other then dimensions. The Yak Shave Sean Griffin/PenelopePhippen Technology 5.0 • 33 Ratings; Listen on Apple Podcasts. Now, the community also wants to evolve TeX: a lot has changed over the years in technology, so, for example, you’d like to use modern font formats, directly write to modern output formats or use this new UTF-8 thingy. As a side-note, METAFONT was later evolved into METAPOST for generic vector drawings, which has the one feature I still miss from many modern graphics description languages: the ability to describe an (addressable) point as the intersection between two other primitives. I don’t know many details about it, except what’s on the wiki page, which feels the need to specifically point out that “DVI is not a document encryption format”. I find that many people take online services for granted these days, and don't take a step back to look at how much value these services bring them. But, he wrote a description language for that, along with an interpreter to turn this descriptions into proper font files. We'll talk about Ruby, Rust, Go, and anything else that has drawn our interest this week. Yak Shaving Day. That makes most of the initial implementation complete. Think Markdown, just much more complex. Ever. So now you have to go to your neighbor’s house and ask them for the tire pump back. Another very recognisable feature of TeX documents that they are often set in a font called “Computer Modern”. Tips & Resources for Introductory Yak Shaving. This comes out of a enjoyable discussion with Arne from Lambda Island, who listened and said “you should totally turn this into a talk”. And now, we’re going to start sharing some of these stories with you in a series of blog posts we’re calling The Yak Shaving Series. Donald Knuth the Patron Saint of Yak Shaves, why Knuth’s checks have their own Wikipedia page. When I get a product from Shopify using GraphQL, a variant has a field listing the selected option values, which is labelled as: selectionOptions an array, where I can cherry-pick the values for use in copying or building a duplicate product. Similar scenarios happen in software projects fairly often. This is a life issue. But, what does TeX do? It was later replaced by WEB. Mainly, it does text layout and a couple of other things. He explained the reference. Digging deeper into TAOCP, it already shows the works of a yak shaver destined for greater things. Credit : Techopedia Yak shaving is a progranming term that refers to a series of tasks that need to be performed before a project can progress to its next milestone. In this essay, I want to introduce you to a couple of useful engineering terms: Yak-shaving and Bikeshedding. I looked at a reference manual for my car just to answer one question, but I spent the whole afternoon with my nose buried in it, just yak shaving, and got no work done on the car itself.. For quotations using this term, see Citations:yak shaving. In the story given above, it’s not actually necessary to shave the Yak in order to get to the grocery store; what’s really happening is the protagonist is making life difficult for themselves as a strategy for avoiding what they believe to be an emotionally difficult interaction with the neighbor. Now, everyone knows the horror printers invoke, so no one wants to deal with those directly. For example, let’s say you want to drive to the store to pick up some groceries, and you notice that your car has a flat tire. Yak shave 8: Implement a custom language for printable documents. ; Start the Yak shaving article, using the Article Wizard if you wish, or add a request for it; but please remember Wikipedia is not a dictionary. And at the end of it, I honestly could not remember why. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Here are some resources and tips that helped me overcome some of the first Yak Shaving humps. ‎Each week our hosts will discuss their development experiences. Another side-note: both TeX and METAFONT still see releases, at a slow pace. This term is believed to have been coined by Carlin Vieri and was inspired by an episode of "The Ren & Stimpy Show." Knuth being known for research on algorithms couldn’t do without coming up with his own algorithm, later published together with Michael Plass. What’s WEB? Instead of falling for the yak shaving trap, throw the paper in the bagless bin. You may occasionally see the phrase or some variation such as 'The Salt Must Flow' used in YouTube comments or live stream chats. Hello! Especially see it in the context of the space it is in: they can’t remove legacy. Yak shave 2: Invent your own programming paradigm for it. You're probably shaving yaks at work all the time and don't realize it. There’s a time and a place for focusing on small details, and there are other times when the focus should be on the big picture. Once a year, children decorate their homes with diapers, stuff their dads' boots with coleslaw, and leave out a pot of shaving cream. Once a year, children decorate their homes with diapers, stuff their dads' boots with coleslaw, and leave out a pot of shaving cream. Most of the time, “bikeshedding” is a perjorative: it means that people are wasting time discussing trivial matters. From Ren & Stimpy's 1993 album, Ren & Stimpy's Crock O' Christmas. It’s a programming language, invented by… You’ll have guessed it by now, Donald Knuth. Until you are reasonably confident in your VM creation and management skills, stick to self-paced courses. Dude & dudettes. The first issue on that road is that WEB isn’t really a popular programming language, neither is PASCAL and running it on modern systems is a bit of a pain. Whenever you feel like “can’t we just replace this whole thing, it can’t be so hard” when handling TeX, don’t forget how many years of work and especially knowledge were poured into that system. A less useful activity done consciously or subconsciously to procrastinate about a larger but more useful task. All programs in this book refer to a common assembly language: MIX. In this essay, I want to introduce you to a couple of useful engineering terms: Yak-shaving and Bikeshedding. Yak shaving is simply a waste of effort to achieve what we believe will provide enough value to outweigh the cost of the effort to achieve it. Subscribe below to … Sponsored By. So now you’re scouring YouTube for ‘garage door fixing’ tutorials all because you wanted to work on your paper. Note that I haven’t mentioned that TeX is an… interesting… language by itself, but I don’t consider that a yak shave, this was just the implementation. Classic TeX instead converts things to DVI, the “device independent” format. Lamport is a very productive researcher, famous for research in formal methods through TLA+ and also known laying groundwork for many distributed algorithms. Private Snapchat. Yak shave 3: Invent your own layout algorithm for it. The concept is called “literate programming” and was introduced by… Donald Knuth. Yak shave 5: Write an authoring tool for fonts. My name is Jeny Smith. I love a good euphemism. Each week our hosts will discuss their development experiences. Looking for the best way to share my short takes from my real life, my photo shootings, the backstage stuff, and my selfies, I have found Snapchat to be the best solution! Yak shaving is also very relevant in studying: You find you don’t understand something, so you go back in your study material to bridge the gap. youtube; speaking; browse by category or date. My ears perked up. The viewers and fans of Salty Cracker on YouTube. There’s a problem here: you are not allowed to change TeX and distribute it under that name. Start Here; Articles; Books; Recommendations; Twitter; Menu. Such as, “Here’s my latest design for the REST API, feel free to bikeshed on the query parameter names.” In this instance, the author is inviting reviewers to nitpick on the small syntactical details of their proposal. They describe activities that will probably seem familiar, although you may not have… If you ever downloaded the full TeX distribution, please bear in mind that you are downloading the amassed work of over 40 years, to make sure that each and every TeX document ever written builds. WEB is a special language: in WEB, any bare text is just text.