Correct me if I'm right: the Russians hacked Arnold Schwarzenegger's performance on "Celebrity Apprentice". 

Joe Biden tells Donald Trump to "grow up and become an adult". Thus, Joe's opening salvo for 2020. Game on!

President-elect Trump. When that hyphen disappears, abandon all hope.

Or, perhaps in his Inaugural Address, he will be in touch with his better angels. Those guys have been out of work for a long time.

In Russia threat denial, Trump sounds like Scarlett O'Hara: "Oh, fiddle dee dee, I just hate all this talk of cyber war war war!"
Forget the FBI, the Russians and the Electoral College. Hillary lost because she didn't win over enough people who bowl.

Regarding Trump, when you don't win the popular vote, you don't have to be that popular.

Kellyanne Conway will be a Trump Administration's presidential counselor. Her official duty: Serving credibility where none exists.

And this true quote from Obama: "If Donald Trump succeeds the country succeeds." What country -- Russia?

The Rockettes will be at the Inaugural but they may just stand still. The Trump people have high hopes to get Wayne Newton, Pat Boone and the one living Beach Boy.
An E-Christmas

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Children texting by the tree.

Yuletide carols on iTunes in my ear
Heard by no one else but me.

Checking email by the mistletoe.

Wrapping presents sure to please.
High tech toys, all the best from Japan
That don't include the batteries.

And here comes Santa on the run.
Driving his eight potential flying venison.
His workshop's stock is rated high
Since it bought out Target and Best Buy.

Everyone at their computers now
Onto their screens the family delves.
The silence dense -- conversations commence
With everyone but themselves.

Ah for the days of yore when Russia had its sympathizers hidden inside the State Department.

As opposed to today, when Putin might show up as a character witness for Comrade Rex Tillerson.

Trump now says Paul Ryan “is like a fine wine”. Not that long ago, Ryan was Thunderbird.

Good news: With driverless cars, people now have the freedom to text and pray at the same time.
General "Mad Dog" Mattis for Secretary of Defense. When I heard Mad Dog, I thought they had nominated Elizabeth Warren.

Ben Carson for HUD -- Head Unqualified Doctor.

Between the alt-right, Breitbart space cadets and insane rumors of child sex slaves, this city could use an exorcist.

January 20: Kim Jong Trump is sworn in on a copy of "The Art of The Deal" to be followed by his Inaugural Tweet.
New Trump hat slogan: "Make Goldman Sachs Great Again." 

Donald's initials are JFK -- Jobs for Kinfolk.

Patraeus for Secretary of State? Why not? Careless mishandling of classified material is practically a requirement of the job.

Mitt Romney and Trump dined together at Trump Tower. They had a quiet table in the groveling section.

Locking the empty barn door, House Democrats have formed the Blue Collar Caucus. Let's wish them a happy 2016.

Conflict of interest -- that's when President Trump asks his children: How's business?
President-elect-OMG! Trump's cabinet is shaping up nicely with Rice Crispy as Chief of Staff and Steve Bannon as Secretary of White Supremacy.

On the short list for Secretary of Venom is, of course, Rudy Giuliani.

When asked by Leslie Stahl if he would build a wall, Trump suggested that he might take up fencing.

In light of Trump's pledge to drain the swamp, Senator Chuck Schumer's new title will be: Protector of the Swamp.

Watch out for changes in the outmoded Ten Commandments. "Thou shalt not commit adultery" will be replaced with "Thou shalt not take your server home." (A far more serious sin.)
There will be much discussion about how Donald Trump tapped into something. So did Lincoln, but he never grabbed Mary Todd's pussy.

Sorry, that was crude, but I'm just trying to blend with the New America.

On the bright side, I believe president-elect Trump -- and I can't believe I'm writing these words -- will bring our country together. White Christians will join hands with white evangelicals and white Islamaphobes will be goose-stepping with anti-semite gun nuts.

Yes, the polls were wrong. Which is why FBI director Comey should start investigating the pollsters emails immediately.
The Constitution is perfectly clear: "When the husband of a presidential candidate's staff member sends sex messages to a 15-year-old girl, the candidate must lose the election because her Republican opponent has such respect for women, he would never do such a deplorable thing."