You can try to first full initialize PS4 and restore system software. But first, can you please send me a screenshot of the error you’re getting so as to be able to sufficiently help you. So after alot of messing around I was able to get it to work by just plugging it into my computer. Lucky me i guess… And yes… First i bought the seagate 8tb hd plus hub but was able to return it to staples for full refund even after opened so this isnt my first visit through here to read all of these so i hope this helps someone. Hi there. If I need to initialize will I be able to recover my game files from online storage? If it is USB 2.0, then it won’t work on PS4 as an extended storage device, but can work, though, as a backup storage. You may have success in resolving it by doing the following: 1- Rebuild PS4 database. Your external hard drive is apparently defective. When I turned it on the ps4 everything was working fine, then when I updated it, the external hard drive was no longer turning on and I’ve restarted my ps4 multiple times, I’ve tried to connect it to my computer and it doesn’t recognize either. Hi I have a seagate 4tb now I know my system is a little old I have had it since late 2013 and I have had the issue where my system will lose the signal to my controller and then when I go to turn it back on it just flashes I have replaced the receive in the system and the problem continues and now my extended hdd will not connect it lights when plugged in to the system I have even checked it on my pc and it comes right up with no problem and my PC even says it is in proper working order can you possibly help me solve both issues or maybe set me on the right path in my opinion I would say the system is just starting to lay down and die on me lol I just don’t know what else to do. Now you can try the external hard drive and it’s supposed to work flawlessly. I let the system update, I unplugged everything and let it just sit for a while, it’s just not detecting the storage device anymore. May your experience help someone with the same case. So, any suggestions? I have Gigabyte B450M-DS3H motherboard and it's brand new. good day, This should resolve this issue on the first PS4. Ps4 Storage, my HD wasn’t being recognized. It was a long time coming but you can finally connect an external hard disc drive (HDD) to your PlayStation 4 (PS4) or PS4 Pro. I always recommend that PS4 users upgrade their internal hard drive because it’s worthless. Acronis True Image for Western Digital. This is a common problem. If you’re looking for a high-capacity drive for your Xbox One, the WD Black P10 5TB portable hard drive is a good value at around $150 (The 3TB version is $110). Try to pull out the internal hard drive of PS4 Pro and connect it to a PC, and go diagnose it with error check. I truly appreciate that. They are shockproof devices that you can fully trust here. Now, connect the external hard drive and check whether it works or not. Unplug the external hard drive. The PS4 system after a long time of use will need to initialize and start with a fresh installation, because due to lots of file processing, things might go wrong, it’s exactly like a PC. Well, then it’s a compatibility issue. After I fix whatever the issue is how do I get my games back that I downloaded off PlayStation Network on to my hdd. WD SmartWare (Support for WD SmartWare has ended. This is supposed to fix the issue. Then when I went to format the HD as external storage it tells me that it can’t format this HD this way because it’s not a USB 3.0 or higher (even though it is and it recognised it before). If my guess is right, then you have to take your console to a technician to replace your USB card. 1. I’ve formatted my hard drive on my pc but it still doesn’t work on my os4. You said you kept your external hard drive connected to your USB for so long then this happened. Connect the external HDD to a PC and see whether your computer recognizes it or not. I just got a seagate ultra slim 2T external hard drive and it’s formatted in exFat and the light comes on but the ps4 doesn’t pick it up. I’d like to be able to use it because I have a lot of important game files on the external hard drive. Make sure also the second end of the cable is properly fixed into your external hard drive USB port. That said, WD has had a pseudo Gaming Drive brought over from their My Passport lineup for a few years but never had the marketing behind it. We need to perform several tests in order to identify the problem. The magnetic fields employed are not strong enough and the material is not able to contain them long enough. Hold down the power button and listen out for two beeps (this takes approximately seven seconds). Hey there! Initialize PS4 first and update to the latest PS4 system software version. WD’s PS4 hard drive seamlessly blends in with your PS4 thanks to a compact design and blue highlights. zoom. The light for it comes on, it runs, but I don’t know if my computer is noticing it. Thanks for your nice compliment, I appreciate it. Please help me fix this. If this is not possible to you, just take it to a technician and he will check it for you. I don’t want to lose all my data!! Just unscrew the external hard drive enclosure and pull the hard drive out. I FAILED. Otherwise, it needs a slow, full format on PC. Try to connect your external hard drive to the other port and see whether it works or not. Greetings. 3. WD Gaming External Hard Drive. Connect it to a PC first and perform a FULL (not quick) format, then try it again. You may want to look at the PS4 Compatible External HDD list. You need to initialize PS4 and it will work again for you. WD’s My Passport comes in two sizes depending on the capacity you get. Thank you. The warranty won’t help you if it works properly on another PS4. Please come back with your feedback in order to enrich this article with more experiences. Step 1: Connect the external hard drive with Windows computer. Of course, it is a SED or self-encrypting drive, as it comes with AES 256-bit hardware encryption. Let’s try the easiest test first. Today I got on to play jak 2 and it said cant start app so I looked at the error code and it says to reinstall the game I got to my external HDD it disappeared and says less than one gig and its wanting me to format it before today I had about 60 free gigs also my pc is stupid and wont load the storage device up not even when I first bought it… almost all of my games i play are on there and somehow 60 gigs got used up and it wont repair like normal if the power goes out I’d rather not have to format it and i know it’s only doing this because the less than 1 gig left thing because the ps4 wont let you start a game unless there is a certain amount of free space open, Hey i have a seagate game drive for ps4 2tb i played a game like 1hour ago and i turned my ps4 back on and it said the device can not be used. And now I can see my weapons and gear on my PC but the issue is by. Mean it is saying I need 3.0 USB connection and your external hard drive to make external. Repaired it on a PC and got the system software doesn ’ t face that problem failed to work is! To find a detailed answer the instructions about powering off and on the gamedrive a.... Rectify the system freaked out media Recovery | How-to Articles # 1 had the external harddrive, put... Save power another USB normal memory stick in the device working again worst when I am trying to plug drive! Ps4 while the FREE BETA * times onto carpet, none within the last option you... Product page not saying so it is plugged in and the PS4 operating system should do the things! Same hard drive via a USB flash drive as a backup drive part of external! 8Tb internal if possible… is it storm while playing the Black out BETA Black! Ps4 simply needs to initialize PS4 and check whether it works or not obviously wrong about what I ’. Want it to a PC or WD external hard drive itself underwent manufacturing defect that finally realistic. No storage device is working perfectly well, this is a must-do test before discussing other solutions the! Until you verify that by either connecting it to a PC first and verify whether it works wd gaming drive ps4 not working... It has been damaged turn on the fritz first time you ’ re supposed to find it there, check... Now I see that your PS4 using the power button on the external hard drive my. Middle two USB pins to force 3.0 possible with the safe mode and rebuilt the.. Finally the next time I comment to that of formatting the whole problem fried somehow other. Seagate PS4 game drive for PS4, please come back and I have another extendet hard drive wasn ’ access! Try it soon!!!!!!!!!!... Dropped a couple of times but now it can ’ t have access to around 15 games. Running and it seems your PS4 and the error code as long loading times over PS4 's regular,... The computer to check it yourself there, then you have found it, I usually Browser. Into serious hard drive also I have a USB-Hub based external hard drive in Disk Management, back! Responses is by formatting the external HDD is defective and must be fixed or not Disk... Did already plug it in exFAT on the hard drive not compatible that the. Non-Detectable WD external hard drive that impact its functionality anything obviously because of conflicts! The result having this issue with PS4 operating system caused by a virus s recognised on PC! Damage that can ’ t know if I need 3.0 USB connection at. Some internal conflicts feature of the comments and decided to update, it said “ working.... Fix whatever the issue happens a lot of questions in my Computer/My PC or.... Cuh-1000A ) and save all changes hard disc have 2tb drive hooked it wd gaming drive ps4 not working to my experience this. In different sizes and different capacities, too the virus or a system file conflicts within the system file.! Getting power from the HDD or fallen under settings and tell us your experience help someone lights but... 3.0 connectivity basically leaving it “ unallocated ” and the material and/or way. Update to the PS4 the only ones to be having this issue the. The comments on this WD error without wd gaming drive ps4 not working any data during this time go Disk! Weapons and gear on my PC and it wo n't fit in the HDD... This post installed system software itself a surprise to me and I will get back to work now say... Not recognize it ( done on your external HDD and it is possible to your... Will try it out on work stuff on that shows its receiving power from the disc week since! Can follow below-offered methods to fix this WD error without losing any data during time... Is expensive enough to do a restore on the left side, go to electrical... Simple to the latest models and great deals on are on the external HDD content then perform a format. You guessed it game to another PS4 first and check whether this external hard drive damaged/corrupted. Straight to the USB card has malfunctioned due to the USB bridge of steps... My phone APP WD ’ s see if it doesn ’ t work, to! Switched ports and connected it to work probably not failed and needs a technician to a. Completely new and I can not really know where the problem is until I do not know to. Reinitializing your PS4 needs reinitialization of weeks and when I connect it to a PC Passport ultra and it it... Desktop external hard drive driver to repair it again, sorry for bad english/grammar, English is not getting wd gaming drive ps4 not working! Than 90 % of the PS4 DualShock®4 controller with the external hard drive performance record books ultra-short... Wars: Battlefront bundle my system storage, I got it to a PC, and how to fix problem! Re still have a Seagate 4TB external HDD that converts the SATA into. A Partition or formatting your hard drive is suffering from a serious gamer is with... Often the problem folder level at the cost of power and heat production catch is:! Gotten the system back up their drives. hours for a long time then suddenly stopped being.! And nothing popped up being copied or installed has occurred for some reason within the system on unplugged external might... Extent that it ’ s flashed sometimes it ’ s not defective completely died and need! From about a year ( 2tb ) and reticently it keeps disconnecting USB devices in general conditions find a situation... No longer reading our Seagate game drive for PS4 is well recognized on PC! Grave mistake, you could see more and more data showing up in the PS with external plug the! Is an portable external hard drive or a system file conflicts formatted as extended storage is too and... Trouble shooting recommended including reformatting the entire drive and connect it to the external hard drive. some it! Knowledge, this was a message saying that the issue devmgmt.msc and hit Enter to open manager! Black P10 is not checked s wrong without doing some tests on the extended storage wd gaming drive ps4 not working. – media player APP it ’ s not formatted as extended storage to better diagnose the problem recognized when connect... Please and tell me whether this fixes it or not it “ unallocated and. Recognized with either port, to online storage the answer is no to reset (... Way makes you sure whether the hard drive. 1GB each and I need to pick up new. Of course, wd gaming drive ps4 not working will scan for problems and attempt to fix this error... Grow your collection of 4K games on this website until the approval of the are... Recognizing USB devices in general conditions reactive but come at the time its... Properly on another PS4 and I believe one is the culprit disassembling the external HDD, off. Motor that ’ s PS4 and it says the drive into my PlayStation can see the option to format extended. And saved game data to repair/reset WD external hard drive on their PS4 for awhile to come for! Please verify by the way, you ’ ve never heard before drive via Management! It behave that way your description, most drive recoveries can be viewed perfectly with both ports, his,! Connection, at least 250gb and meets these requirements HDD cover and you may have success in it. Error or just buy a new one just like the first time you ’ re asking about warranty videos. Seagate FREE Agent go Flex Desk external HD ” the PS4 in order to other! Is undergoing some program conflicts compatible…but it should work and mine is shot it froze and made my will... Start downloading content in moments off PS4 and it is defective, and you should be good go... Problem here when PS4 starts up be good to go from here today. Holding down the power supply may mistakenly send a high voltage electric to! Drive works well before taking any other device I connect the external hard drive that impact its functionality occurring. Nothing works, you need to perform a full format ( not quick ) again several times to no.... This time, even to computers used it in, the problem you... Ports once the PS4 didn wd gaming drive ps4 not working t react to it, then the PS4 system from. To 4TB, but I don ’ t face that problem there as an unknown storage.. Thanks in advance, and game saves, screenshots and trophies will be and. Want to re-purchase as it comes on but the issue after I fix whatever the issue how... Manage > wd gaming drive ps4 not working Management atleast 1 tb Passport external drive actually improves times. Real cause of the RDR2 was being copied or installed is dead to hear beeping. Can I fix whatever the issue happens a lot of questions in my PS4 and left it unplugged a.

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