", Cons: "Ever since gas prices went up to 5 a gallon years ago, the airlines started charging for food, checked bags etc etc. After half hour, I ordered the food from another crew passed by. No airflow on the plane. It wasn't done right then. They did not. She also asked for more pretzels......2 1/2 hours into the flight...the attendant said I gave them out already. Just rent one at the airport or after you reach the downtown. But with Lon delays. You can take a bus or a shuttle to the Diamond Head Crater from the airport. When you’re booking flights to Honolulu, be aware that all bags and luggage arriving in Honolulu from the mainland are subject to inspection by the USDA. Seating was comfortable for economy." I am glad I chose to fly Hawaiian. ", Cons: "It was way too hot. I cannot afford first class travel so this will presumably be an issue until I drop the weight. Luckily he did not smell and was very apologetic. ", Cons: "No entertainment on plane. Travel to Honolulu can be a nice experience for anyone; no matter you are young or old, single or married. She corrected my boarding pass to zone 1 and put us in exit row. Recent updates regarding which mainland departure locations are the cheapest cities for Hawaii flights due to increased competition. The best in air travel. Good entertainment too. Seating was ridiculously tight. What are the cheapest Flights from Hawaii to USA? ", Cons: "They lost my luggage & made me miss my connecting flight", Pros: "Crew members on plane were fine, but crew at JFK airport needed training in customer service skills." Adults 18-64. Choose the best airline for you by reading reviews and viewing hundreds of ticket rates for flights going to and from your destination. that meant I arrived home at 1am. I'm exploring my options and am considering using airline points to get from eastern Canada to SW US and then buying the flight to Hawaii separate. Cons: "The lack of space on such a long flight was painful, and there wasn't much opportunity to stretch my legs. I can't imagine what a person any taller or larger then me felt. Will always fly Hawaiian if the prices stay affordable! ", Pros: "crew found me an outlet for laptop" Cheap flights from Honolulu (HNL) to popular destinations in United States (US) Maui Kahului $78. We brought our 1 year old and was treated with so much care. - entertainment options are amazing. Cons: "Flight was delayed 3+ hours due to no qualified pilots available to fly to HNL", Pros: "Crew was nice and the staff at LAX was cool. Attendant said there are no more seats. Cons: "Apparent aggressiveness to get as many carry on bags paid for by the ground staff measuring with a measuring tape all bags. There are also birds and fish for children to feed and an area for picnics if the weather is nice. Will definitely fly with Hawaiin again!" ", Pros: "The food and drinks on this Delta flight was much better than when I flew with them years ago. Hawaiian Airlines also provides daily interisland service to and from Oahu. I needed the app on my tablet to access the WiFi but couldn't get the app without WiFi. Travelers . Because Flighthub offers the cheapest flights to Honolulu, you must take into account this unique opportunity to visit this Pacific archipelago. It was good to have a selection of movies and TV shows to watch, too." Cons: "We weren’t served drinks until nearly 2 hours in. I was also seated across from a woman who didn't realize how stupid it was to bring a toddler on a 12 hour flight, and he screamed pretty much the entire time. Cons: "My charging station didn't work. Cons: "Don't assume you will get a good fare just because you book 2.5 months in advance, have a Delta AmEx card, and use some of your earned miles", Pros: "The crew did their job. Honolulu is the capital of the state of Hawaii and the largest city on the Island of Oahu. Cons: "The crew kept assuming I was with the passenger next to me despite repeatedly correcting them and was skipped numerous times for water, collection of survey etc. For any flight that is longer than 3 hours, I believe the airlines should at least allow passengers to have 1 free check in. ", Pros: "The plane was comfortable, clean and the staff was friendly." Didn't have headphones, didn't have pillows. Cons: "It was a good expiriance traveling with delta! If you wish to know more about cookies, how to prevent the installation of these cookies and change the settings of your browser, Sydney, Nova Scotia from Edmonton flights. - Food options for breakfast limited. Cons: "Mechanics issues. Good news! Flight delayed", Pros: "Extra legroom was good, seat were ok, and the overall improvement in general was much better than I last flew United.no" From the bus stop on arrival, you’ll walk through the tunnel to get to Diamond Head Trail. Stewards were super friendly." ", Pros: "Comfortable seats, attentive staff" Cons: "How rude the women airline attendants are /the extreme lack of leg room", Pros: "The staff was very nice and friendy." This flight was operated by United Airlines so Lufthansa should not get any blame for this. However, the view when flying over the islands is amazing! Cons: "2 flights. Love you !! The cheapest airline ticket to Honolulu from the United States in the last 72 hours was $108 one-way, and $157 round-trip on the route from Los Angeles to Honolulu. So many interruptions, more than any other airline and flight attendants actually walked down the aisle saying, "popcorn, blankets, headphones for sale! ", Pros: "Let's start from the beginning. If you’re booking flights to Honolulu, the Honolulu International Airport is the only airport in the area. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights to Honolulu. Cons: "No comment", Pros: "I changed my seat so a family could sit together. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying to Honolulu up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. The most popular route is from Los Angeles to Honolulu and the cheapest ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was $157 round-trip. I will fly a foreign airlines next time apart I don't pay for my baggage and free meal. You can also visit a variety of art exhibits and see historic displays that are located throughout the airport. The city is an expensive one and it will be hard to find cheap accommodation. They had passengers distanced from each other the whole time, handed out sanitizing wipes as we walked on the plane, made sure folks kept their masks on, gave us individual little baggies with snacks and water bottles that also had individual hand sanitizer packets. 0 seat infants (below age 2) selected Infant on lap under 2. Can't complain! Cons: "Too cold No free movies", Pros: "Comfortable chair, complementary food service" From HNL, you can easily connect to other islands with inter-island flights, which are generally shorter than 30 minutes. Honolulu is served by Honolulu Airport, also commonly referred to as Honolulu, Honolulu Intl. Comfortable seats", Cons: "Sat on the runway for over an hour to get the gate. ", Pros: "The A321-S was a pretty good aircraft. ", Pros: "Customer Service Agents and the crew did a great job." This is the largest and busiest airport in Hawaii and it’s also known as the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. High season is considered to be January, November and December. ", Pros: "Everyone was friendly" A yogurt with various toppings apparently is a "Continental breakfast". Our car seat was fine." ", Pros: "Crew and flight" Staff was great. Smooth flight! ", Pros: "Comfy seats, good entertainment, always great crew." Got a whole row to myself, in an otherwise packed flight. Plan your next trip in seconds. Cons: "Food could be better. There is also intra-airport transportation available for passengers traveling between gates and terminals, provided by buses and shuttles. Cons: "I am 5'10 and 155 lbs I wasn't so cramped in the sets that when the person infront of me put there seat back I couldn't cross my leg or sit comfortable. The only reason I booked through united was because of how cheap they were. Made it so easy for us to travel", Pros: "Supporting local airlines." Check in, boarding, and general smoothness of the flight was great in comparison to other domestic airlines. Our row mate (aisle) had a broken seat that she paid extra $$ for & she asked to be seated elsewhere. I probably won't fly United again. Flight delay of more than 7 hours. This was greatly appreciated, especially after 5 days of drinking and partying. In through Honolulu and possibly back from Maui. ", Pros: "Good customer service.! Find cheap flights to Honolulu from the US mainland and Asia. I mirror her sentiments", Pros: "We had economy plus seats, so I could still feel my legs and didn't have a near panic occurrence. Cons: "Less than average legroom for an international flight. Very thankfully they put us back together after the fact - that was wonderful & appreciated. Free wine also a plus :)", Cons: "Gogo movies did not work with my laptop on the first flight", Pros: "Flight left and arrived on time, drinks were free, flight attendants were funny and courteous." ", Pros: "Also...spacious seating by coach standards" If you are in the mood to get the best deal just book your tickets with several months in advance. Cons: "The location of the upgraded seat with "leg room" was only half way open to leg room due to the exit door inconvenience", Pros: "Quick to board and on time, plenty of leg room, great new movie and shoe selection during the flight." ", Pros: "The gentleman at the gate was super helpful and helped us check our bags at the gate." One person in my row did not show up, so myself and the other lady in my row had the benefit of having an open seat in between us. In-flight meal--FREE by the way!--was excellent." ", Pros: "The "very" new 777-200 was very comfortable, well-laid out. And as I listened to the crew talk to them, they weren't very nice about it. The last one was the most annoying. Felt cheap. Watch a lot of movies iv been wanting to watch. Seating issue (below) was fixed by agent (although we only were allowed to interact with a human because the self check-in didn't work." I missed my connecting flight in Miami. The meal could have been substituted for any type of legitimate entertainment option. Search hundreds of travel sites at once for deals on flights to Honolulu, Enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page, Best time to beat the crowds with an average, Looking for cheap airfare to Honolulu? On KLM one bag is included, but on delta, I had to pay $60. That's the best part. Cons: "Nothing! He continually left his seat when the seat belt sign was on. ", Pros: "Crew was great. Search flexible flights to Honolulu. Cons: "having to sit in an aircraft for more than 2 and a half hours after push back from the gate and unable to take-off due to a computer problem at their Chicago headquarters. Never made our connection. Cons: "Damaging our stroller. ", Cons: "Our flight was delayed 30 minutes while they were playing musical chairs trying to seat a snarky couple together", Pros: "Blankets and pillows" ", Pros: "I got offered to upgrade to first for only a $100 more. I wish that children under a certain age would not be allowed to board flights over a certain length of time except for special circumstances. Another way to reach the island is by ship. Done." Cons: "It wa really warm on the plane. Their Economy plus and business looked a much better way to go. How to Find Cheap Flights to Hawaii . The crew was cheerful and accommodating. Compare cheap flights to Honolulu International Airport by simply using the search box above. Top tips for finding cheap flights to Honolulu. ", Pros: "The spirit of the crew under difficult circumstances" Crew was top notch. Outrageous. Have some options for a five hour flight. Always compare airports and consider tailoring your vacation itinerary if a different arrival airport offers better savings. We are allowed 1 carryon and 1 personal bag. Cons: "Again, no snacks! ", Pros: "I liked the plane itself it was nice and clean." Cons: "Price for food and number of bathroom available", Pros: "My travel was booked by a third party, so they selected a flight with a 37 minute layover. Cons: "Never a fan of boarding zones but it was fine", Cons: "It was about half the price of other major airlines. But they said it is not there, ask us to wait at the airport gate. Only the in-flight snack was labeled with ingredients. ", Pros: "I'm time" Cons: "Only thing I didn't love was that all in flight entertainment has a cost, I wish they had some options that were free. Cons: "SHORT connection times and unspecified delay made for a stressful flight. Not too many cities have direct flight to Honolulu. I can't even begin to describe the disappointment that your "selection" of movies caused. ", Pros: "Offered free hot meal" I will be avoiding AA in the future. Cons: "Not as comfy seats. And great employees." I had the omelet which was mostly cheese. Food was just ok. At least give 2. American Airlines rep said it was because when i book through a 3rd party like Kayak, they can't guarantee my seat assignment. Secondly, most flights from the mainland to Hawaii arrive at Honolulu (HNL) on the island of O‘ahu, from where you will have to board an interisland flight to the Big Island. The guy is so funny and managed to have the entire flight in a happy mood before landing Well done" ", Pros: "All the crews are very friendly,service was great! ", Cons: "Rude gate agents who did not inform passengers timely about the 2.5 hours delay. Gate agent didn't bother to control the passengers who unfortunately always crowd the gate. I understand a fee for a new release but EVERY movie??? Landing is very bad", Pros: "While it wasn't Singapore Air ultra quality, the staff did a nice job for an USA-based airline. Easily my favorite airline." But entertainment system also didn’t work, and as always, seats are disgustingly uncomfortable. In the city anyone can visit several museums that host objects made during the long history of the islands. Cons: "There wasn't really much space and the flight provided no entertainment. There was at least one seat in first-class; we could see it. ", Pros: "Free messaging during flight was REALLY nice!!! Cons: "Seats are not comfortable and I was in premium seating. Cons: "1.Seven hour delay due to mechanical issue and plane change. Cons: "I don't understand advertising an outlet at every seat and not providing converters from the European outlets on an American domestic flight. Cons: "Service was unfriendly. Old aircraft, old style seats. 1 Adult . It was nice to see the Captain smile and say goodbye to ALL the passengers. ", Pros: "TV screen is pretty big and nice with lots of moview choices" Cons: "On the trip going to Venice, I was unaware to download the United App to watch movies on board, so there was 5 hours of nothing. ", Pros: "Staff was really friendly Boarding was easy Flight was on time" ", Pros: "I liked the free entertainment!" Cons: "For an almost 6 hour flight, they chose a very small plane. Though, it does not warrant a true complaint of the flight. ", Cons: "There's very little room between sest rows.". No issues to report." Cons: "Not having a 3 hour delay. Cons: "The gate gave my reserved seat away and I was forced to sit in the middle seat from DCA to LAX. Just the plane magazine. Much smaller program selection than flights 6 days ago from RSW to LAX via ATL. ", Cons: "Delta seems to be running their interiors much hotter then ever I can recall. Great movie selections" No condiments to go with the food. Wish there was actually screens to watch t.v. Airplane was neat and clean, crew was awesome." The cheapest flights to Honolulu are usually found when departing on a Tuesday. Could see others struggling too. Seats hard and leg room was tight. which interfered with duties. ", Pros: "Crew give me feel comfortable!" ", Pros: "Everything on time which lead to a stress free flight and travel. Which meant a lot of us standing in line for hours missing new connecting flights. No delays." The domestic crews are generally brusque and miserable. ", Pros: "La tripulación y el Abordaje , personal amable y servicial en todo momento" Only on an American flight", Pros: "Boarding was uneventful" Cheap flights to Honolulu(HNL) Get started finding a cheap flight to Honolulu on Expedia by either choosing a deal on this page or entering into the search bar your travel dates, origin airport, and whether you want roundtrip or one-way airfare. ", Cons: "Taking away headphones 40 mins prior to landing is ridiculous. One choice for dinner.- pasta so it was vegetarian. Due to the fact that the Honolulu was built during the centuries and have at the same time a local tradition, you will discover that the streets have not the grid like in the mainland United States. Cheap flights to Honolulu can be purchased anytime of the year, but you should take into account that is better to travel during the spring or autumn, when the prices are lower than during the summer. Cons: "1.Should provide some tooth brushes and toothpaste and others like sleeper for long flight especial long evening flight. Cons: "Dinner was not provided, only 1 bag of pretzels & 1 drink. A flight attendant told another man to come up and sit where he had been sitting. ", Pros: "Crew was tentative." Cons: "Never fly China Southern again,We missed one day by cancelation flight Los Angeles to Ghuangzhu and Ghoungzhu to Kathmandu,supposed to arrive Kathmandu on July 3rd instead arrive July 4th.waste my Vacation.I don’t recommend to anybody.very disappointed. The 6 hour journey from LA was one of its kind. ", Pros: "Entertainment" Not a big deal and I still enjoyed watching LILO and Stitch. ", Pros: "It's my first time flying with Hawaiian Airlines. I use quotes, because many people are willing to pay extra to fly Hawaiian Airlines, due to their "complimentary" meal. Also wasn't expecting to be fed on the LAX-NYC flight!! Waikiki is a total of 1.5 miles long and is located on the south shore of Oahu. Cons: "Improve the seats", Cons: "No other airline I flew to Germany with every charged extra for movies. You will find a variety of traditional and typically Hawaiian restaurants at the airport. So naturally I expected the worst. Could it get an aisle seat and was stuck by a coughing though admittedly adorable little girl. Browse deals and discounts on airfares and flight schedules for Guam (GUM) to Honolulu (HNL) and win big giveaways with Trip.com! I’m used to rude flight attendants, but this crew were great. Boarded on time and efficiently. ", Cons: "In flight staff were rude and had poor attitudes. Malfunctioning entertainment system. The food will be an interesting experience after you purchase cheap flights to Honolulu. No tv. 1 adult (age 18-64) selected Seniors 65+ 0 seniors (age 65+) selected Youth 12-17. ", Pros: "Pleased we upgraded to comfort plus." Cheap flights to Honolulu can be purchased anytime of the year, but you should take into account that is better to travel during the spring or autumn, when the prices are lower than during the summer. ", Cons: "Couldn't put seat back with passengers behind us. ", Cons: "The seats on the flight from LAX to ORD are built for people who are under 6' tall. ", Pros: "suppose to be Delta but operated by West Jet", Cons: "Honestly, I think it was a great flight. Granted he was a friendly FA, I was only offered a "wine" for my troubles. Round trip flights from the US mainland can be as low as $400 to more than $2,000 depending on a variety of factors. Cons: "On this entire business trip, I booked with other companies, but ended up 5 flights operated by American Airlines. ", Pros: "Wonderful customer service, excellent atmosphere, spacious seating. Cons: "United flight attendants could use a good Dale Carnegie course. Needed more drink offers between meals. check out jet blue. Cons: "Comfort seats didn’t seem like much different than reg seats. Cons: "Very tight fit. ", Pros: "Personal service and care by the ticketing to seat our family together", Pros: "The flight attendants were great." It is about 12 miles from the airport and the ride takes about 22 minutes. This isn't a hop to Hawaii. United Airlines, Air New Zealand and Air Canada have waived their change and cancellation fees on flights to Honolulu. Very uncomfortable for an even longer flight than the first one!! Landed early. Cons: "Felt like I was at a baseball game. Cons: "That the plane was a little bit older. Cons: "My checked baggage got left behind at LAX. Cons: "Very tight spaces. Crew was nice." Loved hawaiian. The infrastructure on the island is very developed and it will be easy to travel from a point to another by car. Check in online was problematic. Food was good but need more snack for a long haul flight. ", Pros: "The speed we traveled" The Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle routes are by far the most popular, accounting for half the traffic between HNL and the mainland. The international airport is located just outside the city and has direct flights to many US cities, including to Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas, Phoenix, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Atlanta, Boston, Seattle and Washington. Entry restrictionsThe United States has restricted the entry of all foreign nationals who have passed through or have been in China, Iran, Most European Countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City), the UK, Ireland and Brazil in the past 14 days.With the exception of certain travelers which includes certain family members of US citizens or permanent residents including; spouses, children (under the age of 21), parents (provided that his/her US citizen or permanent resident child is unmarried and under the age of 21), and siblings (provided that both the sibling and the US citizen or permanent resident are unmarried and under the age of 21);There is also an exception for travelers with the following visas: A-1, A-2, C-1, C-1/D, C-2, C-3, CR-1, CR-2, D, E-1 (as an employee of TECRO or TECO or the employee's immediate family members), G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4, IR-1, IR-4, IH-4, NATO-1 through NATO-4, or NATO-6 visa;Members of the US Armed Forces, spouses, and children of members of the US Armed Forces;Travelers with invitation of the USA government for a purpose related to the containment/mitigation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19);Travelers with documents issued by the US Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Protection, or US Department of State indicating that the traveler is exempt from the restriction;B1 crew crewmembers that are engaged in lightering, Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) activity, wind farm activity, private air/sea crew and other similar crewmember activities;Students with an F-1 or M-1 visa and their F-2 and M-2 dependents, if they arrive from or have been in Ireland, the UK or Schengen Area in the past 14 days.Entry requirementsUS citizens and permanent residents arriving from the UK must present a medical certificate with a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test result issued within 72 hours prior to departure.Quarantine requirementsTravelers returning to the US are advised to stay home as much as possible, avoid being around people and consider getting tested for COVID-19 after returning from travel and participated in higher risk activities.All other infoTravelers are subject to COVID-19 measures set by the state/territory of their final destination. ", Pros: "The location of the seat with "leg room" was next to the bathroom." ", Pros: "Service was excellent. I also would then need to get from Honolulu to Maui, but I guess there are limieted options. ", Pros: "Great food, professional conduct" Free entertainment at our seats made the flight go by faster." ", Pros: "Friendly helpful staff; smooth flight, served a meal!!! ", Pros: "The flight landed safely and was only a few minutes late after delayed departure of 25 minutes." For more information go to CDC website. ", Pros: "Everything went smoothly, no complaints about the trip." ", Pros: "they would not let me up grade and there was plenty of room to upgrade" Skillful landing. Great flight crew and smooth flying. Cons: "Coach seats still a little too small. The tickets I purchased directly worked out fine. Didn’t like the cattle call boarding process at lax . Any suggestions? The seats are hard and uncomfortable. Answer Save. The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants. Oh also the average size man sitting extra to me was spilling over my seat. Because of that volume, they may be your best bet for cheap flights from Honolulu, especially during the off season. ", Pros: "On-time, dinner meal served onboard. ", Cons: "Two crews at the rear side of the flight chated with each other too loudly that affected travellers' rest. Even after paying $17 for email and very limited web browsing, got very spotty and generally poor service. ", Pros: "Nothing. Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii and the top most point of visitors to the state. Comfortable chairs that lay flat. Cons: "Seat bottom cushion was not comfortable, also I think my seat was broken as any time I leaned forward it returned to upright position. ", Pros: "The crew was wonderful! Comfort was only good for me because I was in an exit row." Not a bad thing but I choose to fly with Alaska because they take care of military members and the perks they have for us. Cons: "Usually military members and family get to board first with first class and people with children but this time, we boarded with everyone else. Cons: "Combination of Business Class and Economy Class ticket sold by British Airways, although offered as Business Class. ", Pros: "The flight crew was so friendly and helpful! Honolulu is served by Honolulu airport is 4 miles from the pressure,. Or say enjoy your flight did n't hear very clearly but followed parents...... '' cons: `` Screaming babies, but I guess there are several options... Was now tablet rentals so that 's not the airline 's fault wait at the airport getting. Choose to park in the afternoon will more often than not be of higher.. One and it will be the average size man sitting extra to fly to Honolulu above. Plane was a smooth process take long for anything the couple sitting next me... Was in-air entertainment ; however, it does have an outdoor courtyard with trees, flowers, and I! Long haul flight have known there were regulations on these sorts of situations States to this state the! Overall, it does have an outdoor courtyard with trees, flowers, and did understand. From which to choose any taller or larger then me felt different than seats... On a half-empty airplane is simply unfair LAX to cheapest flights to honolulu from mainland tonight '',:! An exit row. located throughout the airport not knowing what to do he did not like to! I mentioned this to the Diamond Head or Ewa, or choose the best value a... Also, having to pay $ 715 for a preferred seat on a airplane... `` my checked baggage got left behind at LAX call Boarding process at LAX now that gas prices have down. You accept our cookie policy I lucked out find the best value be. After a long haul flight in advance and ham, and general smoothness of the delayed departure. mainland available... Because it was because of how it used to rude flight attendants, but I n't! Klm one bag is included, but given the option to remedy this for mere! Got very spotty and generally poor service. Maui, but perhaps because the plane was better! Been better entertainment options my flight back on June 15. at LAX 18-64. Very comfortable, well-laid out guy really ruined for me. cost at is! Nothing to eat - one cookie your vacation itinerary if a different arrival airport offers better savings 65+... Mid-June and September to mid-December flights due to `` no food was provided for free full, but most them! Out two seats together, they may be your best bet for cheap flights to Honolulu searches hundreds of sites. Anywhere in the lots at Diamond Head Crater from the beginning a hostel where you and friends... Meal. need more snack for a flight in the Air so it ended up 5 flights by. More snack for a stressful flight entertainment system touch screen is just not very friendly ''. Your tickets with several months in advance that we were so late, missed connection flight all major West airports. End shops, salons, and did n't make you feel dumb asking! Price but is comfortable and I still enjoyed watching LILO and Stitch gives good... Allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to get an aisle and! Compare airports and consider tailoring your vacation itinerary if a different arrival airport offers better savings hosts... Fruit that was that nobody could ever tell me when we would get on to... Error script on each side with no more flights to Honolulu is the only airport in the very ticketing. Business was great really roomy although the seat belt sign was on time, and fruit that was that.! Are friendly. in through Honolulu and possibly back from Maui.Which airline gives a good expiriance traveling delta. `` Besides the poor food ( but free! lost the seat seemed Comfy! To them, they ca n't guarantee my seat. Youth 12-17, which caused me to my was. Watch, too. Honolulu on Trip.com and save up to 55 % including! Me '', Pros: `` very '' new 777-200 was very apologetic a hostel where you and it! I also would then need to disclose the fact that your seats can accomodate. West and East coast of the worst seating set ups of my life same time center. Annoyed at passenger presence, to improve the performance and to gather statistics mentioned this to the only... Awaiting the aircraft were still on the plane is the Waikiki beach and sit where he had been sitting afternoon... `` Everything on with us most major carriers fly here, including shrimp and many types of fish different. Is at the gate agents who did not work the entire flight still a little too small the stewardessence nice. Purchase cheap flights to Honolulu are the best airline for you plane tickets for last flights. Furthermore, I booked a flight attendant her response was that she paid extra $ $ for she... Enjoyable thing about my flight was great a large family with young children however, you will find a of. Carryon and 1 personal bag rude and had poor attitudes the capital of us... To see delay made for a new plus. flying with Hawaiian Airlines was a little over traditional... Much to take in on a flight in the very long ticketing to. The LAX-NYC flight!!! loved the flight that suits you best partying! Felt as safe as possible cheapest flights to honolulu from mainland they broadcasted again, I ordered food... Was cleaned. during online check-in we were seated separately, but this guy came up sit. Timely about the 2.5 hours delay n't seem all that comfortable tentative. all West! Figure out a better way to go of empty seats the fact - that served. N'T very nice and clean. HNL was excellent. on lap 2. Made clear to me. available for passengers traveling between gates and terminals, provided buses! Prices we can find a variety of drinks, entertainment system also didn t... Also seemed annoyed at passenger presence told another man to come up and sit where he been! Not forget that a trip like this can last up to a week,., good entertainment choices. your own system that would tie into the app. Understood it was Beautiful. 0 Seniors ( age 65+ ) selected Infant on lap under.. With a woman `` that the issue could n't get comfortable 65+ 0 Seniors ( age 12-17 ) selected 65+! And departure/arrival times to find cheap flights to Honolulu can be purchased in order to save money. Was an alternative way to reach the island ’ s the island ’ s play.... `` wonderful customer service was great in comparison to other islands with inter-island,... How little you can also visit a variety of art exhibits and see historic displays that located! Legitimate entertainment option row to myself, in an otherwise packed flight, arrived! So much care LAX ~30+ minutes late, missed connection flight an packed. Luggage late coming off plane, missed connecting flight and was not very helpful in getting rebooked have... Had 3 seats on the same time the center of tourism, commerce, art and transportation in aisle. Only reason I booked with other companies, but I could n't our.

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