Fear not! Acrylic is easier to break than PETG and has less impact resistance, however, it has more flexibility. Now let's turn our attention to acrylic tubing. This means you have to use either a hand saw, jigsaw, or a Dremel/rotary tool. Stability: PETG is strong and does not break easily. Acrylic sands very easily, so I like to use this method. Next. Plate glass, acrylic, polycarbonate and PETG. An important decision to make when looking at creating your very own water-cooling loop inside your PC is the type of tubing to use. You need to heat the acrylic more, so this will make the process a bit easier. It's worth noting that while acrylic is clearer than PETG, it's most noticeable up close in real life, so I didn't do any comparison shots. PETG is a variant of the more commonly known PET material and is used as a filament for 3D printing. I use a higher temperature for Acrylic, such as 280C In much the same fashion as with PETG, we want to heat the tube evenly and carefully. But if you need better detail, and no stringing, you really need to use 100% PETG cooling fan. Acrylic can be scratched but is more scratch resistant than PETG. PETG is softer than acrylic and can be scratched easier. Also more forgiving that acrylic. If for any reason you are not satisfied or need help with anything at all, please let us know. Acrylic has the advantage of being readily available in many different finishes and colours. Some bending kits come with a mitre-saw block, which can be handy for keeping the cut perpendicular. PETG does not have a lower melting point than ACRYLIC. The runs I'm doing may involve multiple bends, so I don't want to be in a situation where I have a 90% built system and end up having to wait another two weeks to finish while more tubing arrives. Can be hit with a hammer. In fact acrylic's melting point is roughly HALF of PETGS. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 10 times stronger than glass; More likely to chip. Fittings on Acyrlic Vs PETG same OD, but don't feel the same. Acrylic was the standard for years, so it's not impossible! The material became available for commercial use in 1936 under the protected trademark Plexiglas®. It's very important to keep a close eye on the tube, though, since acrylic can tip from usable to dead in a matter of seconds if you're not careful. The … $19.99. As the chart shows, polycarbonate has the best impact resistance. All rights reserved. Acrylic, PETG and Polycarbonate General Features & Benefits Acrylic. PETG is definitely stronger and is reported to be easier to work with (bends easier) than acrylic. Alex shows you how it can be done simply for any plastic hardline tubing variety at home. In the case of temperature resistance, ABS seems to have the upper hand. PETG has been threatening to overtake other filaments in popularity because it is so safe. What is PETG? Hope that helps. For the interior, I used a deburring tool, as the sharp blade leaves a very neat edge and it only takes seconds. Hose fittings for acrylic, PETG, and other hard plastic tubing. This means you can pour boiling water on ABS and it will still not be damaged. Cut with a scroll saw and sand the … Written by While it does have a few caveats, in more cases than one, the custom water-cooling comes on top. Copyright © 2000 - 2021, bit-tech.net. So, what is commonly known as “Plexiglass”, is really a brand of acrylic (PMMA). The higher PETG filament temperature will aid super-strong layer adhesion. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the watercooling community, Press J to jump to the feed. This is the home of Primochill.com. Corsair Hydro X Series Xt Hardline 12mm Tubing 4.2 out of 5 stars 83. In much the same fashion as with PETG, we want to heat the tube evenly and carefully. PETG or Acrylic is very easy by comparison. PETG and Polycarbonate share very similar properties, today at CNCROi.com, we’ll review why one is better than the other for most applications. While PETG can survive temperatures as high as 80°C, ABS can withstand 20°C higher. Alex Banks, Tags: #acrylic #bending #hardline #petg #tubing #tutorial #watercooling-guide. Ever wanted to have that frosted tube look? Will it yellow or possibly become more brittle over time or who knows what else if exposed to sun or UV lights? Not too worried about hard-line in general, more concerned around the fact that people intimate that acrylic is far more difficult to work with than petg, both in bending it and cutting it. Temperature Issue: You can pour boiling water on ABS made materials as it can withstand more degrees of temperature than PETG. So do you use a file or sand paper to do the edges? Acrylic is by far the most popular material used for rigid tubing in water-cooling systems, but polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) serves a similar purpose, allowing you show off your coloured coolant and offering the ability to include clean bends and a super-snazzy look with your PC. If you care about nature, our recommendation is to choose PETG filament. So this element is environment friendly. Temperature Resistance. I usually set the heat gun to 280°C or so this time. EK strives for perfection in every aspect – from our products to our service. PETG is the safest 3D printing filament available today. Hardline tubing requires precision and planning - follow this easy guide to plan your loop properly. The process is largely the same albeit with a couple of crucial differences. Or what are you most trying to get out of it for your build? You should be aiming for a neat edge like the one below. Can stain and cloud up and is less clear than acrylic. PETG is probably a better choice than Poly because of the deflection temp, but that might only matter if you are bending like cheapgoose.-D'oh! I usually set the … Acrylic sheets are easy to glue and are good for milling, bending and hot forming and is therefore a material suitable for many different applications. A PC Water Cooling Guide PETG VS Acrylic Hard line Tubing for Beginners. PETG is a great choice for machine guarding. The rapid cooling after leaving the nozzle will leave your prints detailed, with no stringing or blobbing. So PETG is the wiser option for those who care about nature. PETG provides excellent toughness, gloss and chemical resistance. If you see those, chuck that piece and start over. We will be covering the likes of brass, copper, glass, and even carbon fibre in future instalments! I made a bit of a stuff up and ordered Acrylic tubing from EKWB instead of PETG. A stable material suited for long term use. The fumes produced from pure and uncontaminated PETG are harmless. The chamfer tool would work, too, as would a large countersunk bit (see the Drill Bits Toolbox for more!). What are your main concerns with hardline? PETG is more affordable and 5-7 times stronger than acrylic. On the other hand, PETG is sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable. We want to thank you for considering EK as your cooling solutions provider. It doesn’t smell when printing and many filaments are actually food-safe if printed right, it’s resistant against many chemicals including, surprise, glycol, the hard-tubing for PC watercooling, where glycol is a common water additive, is actually often made from PETG these days. A coping saw goes through this tubing like butter and is an all round useful tool to have; I would definitely recommend one. PETG. When it comes down to it, setting up your first liquid-cooling loop is all about planning. Acrylic: harder to bend, can shatter, can discolour, can be deburred easily. I used the tape as a guide instead, and this helps prevent any errant saw movements damaging the surface. We are a Premium Computer Water Cooling company. Now this is my first time doing a hard line loop, but I have the basic XSPC kit to help me out. Hopefully, you’ve learned a thing or two from reading this. Acrylic can be restored to optical clarity by polishing. similar to PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) but with enhanced properties due to the addition of glycol (PET+G = PETG Buy Bykski RGB LED G1/4 Rigid Acrylic PETG Tubing 14mm OD / 16mm OD Water Cooling Compression Fitting 4-Pack: Water Cooling Systems - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases So that’s how I started bending PETG tube. PETG and Ploy are the strongest. Strength Options (protection for safety applications) When it comes to strength, there are four options to keep employees and equipment from being broken during an accident. You can buy .093 sheets of polycarbonate at Home Depot. It’s made of the same contents found in PET, with the addition of glycol. Keep a close watch for any bubbles forming in the plastic. PETG: easy to bend, easier to over bend (oak piping make fitting fittings harder if not careful), very resistant, cannot be deburred (chamfer tool just makes it worse, I just us a craft knife to cut off outer corner) Plexiglas. PETG has the lowest deflection temperature, with Acrylic next and Poly @ the highest. Does not yellow after time. In this article, our focus is largely on the comparison of hard tubing vs soft tubing. Simply go over the ends with 320-grit paper on top of a hard surface, then do the same around the outside to make a neat chamfer. Somewhat frowned upon by hardcore enthusiasts and overclockers, PETG is an awesome choice for beginners due to being way easier to heat up and bend than Acrylic. Used for everything from food packaging to water bottles, Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG) is one of the most widely used polymers today. You'll be fine with either, but the two have almost nothing in common beyond the fact that they are both tubes for watercooling. A chamfer tool will also do this task well, but once again it can occasionally leave a rough finish. PETG is handy for beginners though. Acrylic, however, has a melting point of about 160C, still not a temp you should be anywhere near as your cpu thermals itself into a shutdown. It is much stronger than acrylic but does not have the impact strength of polycarbonate. Better clarity. Let us know if you have tips to share or if this helped you at all. Acrylic - clearer, less likely to stain or cloud up. Polycarbonate and PETG will elongate much more than Acrylic. The cost is usually somewhere between acrylic and polycarbonate. It not being UV resistant like acrylic is though could be an issue I would imagine. Our selection includes Coolants, Tubing, Fittings and Water Blocks The molten PETG will stick to the previous layer ridiculously well. Acrylic needs to be heated for longer periods of time over a bigger surface compared to PETG, which makes it less popular with first-time hard-tube builders. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. However, we are not going to delve into the idea of this type of cooling as we did in our previous article. If you use PETG or acrylic, you will need protectors. I'm going to be using some 13mm satin tubing so that it can be more easily identified from the PETG in the previous pages. I think these two photos should show quite succinctly why you shouldn't use this sort of cutter with acrylic tubing. Includes straight and elbow (90 degree angled) versions. Less likely to scratch. Cast acrylic only comes in shapes, so no good for plastics. PETG. 4) As you can see glass tubing is easily subject to chipping and cracking if it’s not cut right (over PETG or Acrylic) 5) If you decide to use Glass instead of PETG or Acrylic, you’re going to have to spend $$$ getting a Dremel Jig Setup going. Learn more about EVGA Silent Series PSU's Here - http://bit.ly/EVGASilentPSU The Forums are up! In most cases, you should use PETG over acrylic. Neither is right or wrong, so can't really make a recommendation without knowing what's important to you. Petg - much easier to bend over acrylic, more flex so easier to build loop as adjustment for connections. Acrylic: harder to bend, can shatter, can discolour, can be deburred easily, PETG: easy to bend, easier to over bend (oak piping make fitting fittings harder if not careful), very resistant, cannot be deburred (chamfer tool just makes it worse, I just us a craft knife to cut off outer corner). We've shown the method of cutting and preparing lots of tubes, but how do you actually plan the loop to begin with? The big consideration is that acrylic shatters, meaning you can't use a tubing cutter like the one I used for PETG. You could stick PETG in the oven with a tombstone pizza and it should survive. More economical. $59.99. Personally, I like to use a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade, but a coping saw works very well too actually, and I used that in the demo here. Harder to bend, need … As with the PETG, the acrylic will be rough from the cutting, and since it's harder than PETG it's even more important to smooth the ends well to keep your fittings happy as Larry. Acrylic can and will shatter if you apply enough force to it, sometimes with explosive results. Acrylic or PETG Tubing for Hard Pipe cooling Hi I am thinking for the next generation of my small rig I want to go completely liquid cooled and also hard plumb the system. Read on to learn more about PETG and its characteristics. Thermaltake Pacific DIY OD 16mm (5/8") x ID 12mm (1/2") Water Cooling PETG Hard Tube Bending Kit CL-W093-AL00BL-A 4.7 out of 5 stars 531. 3D Printing with PETG . Do I spend an extra $60-80 to replace the acrylic with PETG, or will I be fine to just use the acrylic?