Council recognises that this is a difficult time for our community. For businesses renting the property and seeking rates relief – you will require your landlord to apply to Council for hardship assistance. Currently eligible pensioners are entitled to a rebate of 50% of their combined rates and charges, up to a … Pensioner Concessions. requirements for exemption from rating. Council land rates and water rates are not acceptable documents as these do not demonstrate you reside in the property. ... (Education and Care Services) National Law (NSW). Please also include the deposit slip and forward to Bathurst Regional Council, PMB 17 BATHURST NSW 2795. Sign up to our E-pulse. Valuation base date. If you do not meet the above criteria, there are circumstances where a pool owner can apply for a Pool Exemption under Section 22 of the Swimming Pools Act. Hardship Policy Member of Albury Greg Aplin says Greater Hume Council's concern with an exemption on rates paid on asbestos-affected properties acquired by the government is an issue for the Minister for Finance. Cheques must be made payable to Bathurst Regional Council. Skip to main content. The council disputed that the company was either a public benevolent institution or a public charity and that the lands that belong to it, upon which the rates had been levied, were used or occupied by the company for its purposes as either a public benevolent institution or a public charity. 02 9806 5050. Pay rates, water and sewerage accounts and sundry debtors online, via phone or mail, or in person. A rates exemption may be applied for in respect of land which is not being used for a residential or commercial purpose, and if not used for residential purposes is declared by the LALC to be of cultural or spiritual significance. Alternatively you can pay your rates by mail. In accordance with the NSW Government Boards and Committees Guidelines, Section 8.3, public sector employees who undertake work for the Council during their normal work hours are not paid an annual fee unless they obtain an exemption. In the case of Community Housing Limited v Clarence Valley Council [2014] NSWLEC 193, the Applicant, a provider of “social housing”, claimed that its lands were exempt from the payment of rates because it is both a “public benevolent institution” and a “public charity”. Council is legally required to levy rates (under the Local Government Act 1993).Rates income is vital for the delivery of a wide range of services which benefit the community. Click on the links below to find out more, explore options for paying your rates, or for answers to a range of Frequently Asked Questions. Council may contact the applicant to request further information when assessing an application for rate exemption. This exemption doesn’t apply to vacant land, or land where the centre is under construction, even if intended for a childcare or education facility. Pensioner Agreement application to defer rates, charges and interest Application for vacant land charge Strata Lots Aggregation Application Applications should be sent to: Wollongong City Council Attention: Rates Manager Locked Bag 8821 Wollongong DC NSW 2500 The amounts of the concessions available on an annual basis are fixed by legislation. Land within the Tweed is categorised as either ‘Residential’, ‘Business’, ‘Farmland’ or ‘Mining’. Find Council forms and permits on this page. Each council is required to determine the combination of rates, charges, fees and pricing policies needed to fund the services it provides to the community. This is called a revenue policy. For further information, please contact Customer Service on 9330 6400 or There is a minimum amount of rates that we apply to each property, regardless of its value, which is considered to be a fair and reasonable amount to contribute towards the services Council provides. The revenue policy contains a rating structure that determines which rates and charges you will have to pay and how they will be calculated. Download forms to apply for exemption from rates, and change of categorisation of land. 02 4974 2000. Please contact Council's Rates Officer on 02 6959 5510 for more information. Apply for the exemption. Alternatively you can pay your rates by mail. Rating category. Please note: Council requires electronic lodgement of all plans and supporting documentation in digital form (as PDF documents contained on a CD or USB or similar device) in accordance with our Electronic Lodgement Guidelines. Griffith City Council Rates Information; Griffith City Council Rates Information. Application for Exemption from Rates and Charges 2019.pdf 53 KB. Under State legislation some pensioners are eligible to receive a concession off their rate account. Council Circular 08-49 – Amendment To The Local Government Act 1993 – Rating Of Land Partially Subject To A Conservation Agreement; Permissible Income Workpapers 2020-21 . If you would like assistance in completing the form please contact our call centre on 9330 6400. The council denied the claim to an exemption and levied rates. Apply to pay rates by regular payment, or to receive financial assistance or pensioner concession. For further details please contact the Rates Section on 02 6393 8000. When making payment by post please allow sufficient time for postage. For information visit or to discuss your land value call 1800 110 038. Rates are a form of local tax that provide council with revenue to help fund essential infrastructure and services for our community. If your property is a church, school, charitable institution, hospital or the like, a rate exemption may be able to be claimed. Rates and annual charges are the City’s main source of income and make up 64% of our income each year. Council carries out meter readings quarterly to calculate water charges if applicable. Please contact the rates section on (02) 4560 4610 for information on how to receive any rebates that may apply. Council provides a range of payment options for your rates instalments, view available payment options and the due dates for instalments. We use the NSW Valuer General's value of your property and an assigned rating category to calculate your rates. Cr Turner questioned its rates exemption in November because construction of a $3.5 million church centre had not started. Six (6) respondent councils denied the claim to an exemption and levied rates. Rebates on Council rates and charges are available to eligible pensioners. To obtain a rates exemption for land not being used for a residential purpose but is declared by the Local Aboriginal Land Council to be of cultural or spiritual significance (this could include land being used for a commercial purpose such as a cultural centre or museum), the Minister must approve the resolution and list the land in Schedule 1 of the Aboriginal Land Rights Regulation. As a result of this decision, a new revenue risk has emerged for councils, particularly those councils with a significant amount community housing style developments. A recent decision of the New South Wales Court of Appeal in Community Housing Limited v Clarence Valley Council [2015] NSWCA 327 has allowed a community housing provider to claim a rates exemption. For more information about your pool exemption status, contact a council pool safety officer or apply for a pool certificate of compliance. Water Meter Readings. This includes managing and maintaining infrastructure such as local roads, libraries, sports complexes, sporting grounds, childcare centres, parks, playgrounds and street lighting. Council will postpone the rates differences between the values and you will only need to pay the rates on the lower value. Additional types of pool exemption. ... NSW's most digitally advanced library opens in Newcastle; ... Use this form to apply for an exemption under Section 22 of the Swimming Pool Act 1992 Welcome to Griffith City Council's Rates information portal. Subscribe 1300 617 058. Exemption from Rates. Spousal Pensioner Concession Rates Application Notice of Discontinuance. Council's general rates frequently asked questions are listed below. There are three types of rates levied by council: ordinary rates, special rates and charges. Stormwater Levy Exemption Application. Cheques must be made payable to Bathurst Regional Council. OLG – Special Variation Guidelines 2021-2022; OLG – Minimum Rates Guidelines 2021-2022; OLG – 2020-21 Crown Land Adjustment Application Form . For further information on your Land Value please contact the Valuer General of NSW on 1800 110 038 or click here. If you need any advice or further information when completing a form or about any applicable fees and charges, please contact us. Note that further rates subject specific FAQs are located on the webpages - Land Valuations, How Rates are Calculated, and Hardship Assistance. Rates are our primary source of income, and we are legislated in the way we calculate Ordinary Rates. If you are unable to pay your rate balance by its due date, please contact Council's Revenue Section on 02 4677 8282 or by e-mail at to discuss an alternative payment method. Variations. Council accepts the following types of payment cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card. If you need any assistance please email us at or call the Rates Hotline 6962 8466. Email. Wingecarribee Shire Council ABN 49 546 344 354 Phone: 02 4868 0888 Fax: 02 4869 1203 Email: PO Box 141 Moss Vale NSW 2577 68 Elizabeth Street Moss Vale Web: 1 APPLICATION FOR EXEMPTION FROM RATES After 5 years and each year after that, unless the land has been vacated or developed, Council write off one year of the postponed rates from 5 years prior so at any time you are only liable to pay a maximum of 5 years of postponed rates when the land is developed or sold. Please also include the deposit slip and forward to Bathurst Regional Council, PMB 17 BATHURST NSW 2795. ... Building no longer exempt from rates as council puts church on notice Find out how you can pay your rates, how they are calculated, annual charges and FAQ's. All cheques need to be crossed "Not Negotiable". Rates provide essential services and facilities to the community. All cheques need to be crossed "Not Negotiable". Council accepts the following types of payment cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card. The date Council issued your rates. WOLLONGONG CITY COUNCIL Address: Wollongong City Council, 41 Burelli Street, Wollongong NSW 2500 Postal: Locked Bag 8821 Wollongong DC NSW 2500 Phone: (02) 4227 7111 Fax: (02) 4227 7277 Email: Web: ABN 63 139 … Your New Notice of Valuation Land owners will receive new land valuations issues by the NSW Valuer General during April 2020. The date the land was valued. Council will not be held responsible for delays in the postal service.