Check out our picks for the best .38 Special & .357 Magnum ammo for home defense, target shooting, and hunting. The extra powder space in the .357 comes from seating the bullet farther out in the case with a cannelure, not from the extra length, which adds little in the way of volume. Other minor adjustments include a clockwise rotating cylinder that turns in the same direction as the crane locks. 21 of the Best Custom Glocks In The World, Springfield Armory Range Officer 9mm – $798.99, Springfield Armory XD 40S&W – CCW Dark Horse, 17 Best 44 Magnum Revolvers For Sale - Nov 2020 - USA Gun Shop, S&W Model 66 Combat Revolver - 357 Snub Nose - USA Gun Shop, 9 Best .50 Caliber Pistols For Sale - Dec 2020 - USA Gun Shop. It also comes in a nickel finish, which I do not recommend because it reflects light and can give your position away. It’s a lever attached to the hammer that cocks the gun then retreats out the way. This company is usually referred to by its shorter name, “Ruger.”  Ruger is well known for .22 caliber pistols and rifles that shoot centerfire and rimfire ammo (. I recommend the 2 ¾ inch barrel with underlug to protect the ejection rod. He brings almost three decades of experience in law enforcement and shooting instruction to the table and that experience shines through in everything he does. They will still print their location if you wear loose clothes and use a good holster. Beginning shooters, as well as professionals, can shoot the low-velocity target or +P loads. Have had a stainless 4" barrel Ruger GP 100 down here in Australia (50 yard range use, no Concealed Carry Permit possible here), for about five years, and can attest to the solid build and reliability of the gun. Black powder especially is a big bore option, but don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll get the same power as an actual 50 BMG rifle from this stuff. The new Model, 686 Plus, is a neat way of saying it’s the 7-round cylinder rather than the 6-round version that is also on offer. Don’t do that, by the way, Academy Sports Outdoors isn’t the place for 50 BMG rifles. I have the 3" barrel and the DASA model. It was originally developed for black powder loads. Use some practice time to shoot mid-range .357 Magnum ammo and finish with a few “hot” defensive rounds. I have no complaints against the Taurus revolvers except for the polymer 357, for obvious reasons--those are two words that simply don't belong together. While I own a number of different pistols, I love my revolvers for their simplicity, reliability, and accuracy. You can feel that in every trigger pull. However, you’re likely going to have to find it on the used market. In the autoloader world, you don't have the .45 full-size but the 9 only in compact. In other words, sure - a Bugatti is one of the pinnacles of cars. Have a S&W Model 686 Six shot .357 magnum with a 4" barrel. People don't go with .327 for smaller size, or else we'd see smaller 5-shot .327s on the market. The Ruger Redhawk is the double action version of the SAO Blackhawk. And a Ruger BH ss 6 1/2 brl. That is why I love this combination caliber. Haven't put as many rounds through it as I would like, but it seems like we were made for each other. If you think we missed something then do … Finally, Winchester Repeating Arms produced the first .357 ammo available for consumer use. Then, as now, everyone wanted more powerful ammo. Small frame revolvers usually weigh between 12 oz and 2 lbs when empty. These revolvers are easy to conceal in a holster, purse, or fanny pack. I disagree... 8 shot sounds nice, but heavy and clunky... so in practicality the 686+(7 shot) is much easier to carry... not to mention the difference in price, the 627 just doesn’t have enough to justify the cost difference over the 686+..... most forum readers tend to agree. As another advantage, you can choose to load this gun using an eight-round moon clip. Considering that the .327 is loaded +1 in every other .357 revolver, I'd say 9 minimum in .327. It is a medium frame, DA/SA revolver designed to shoot full powered .357 Magnum rounds. I target shoot with my 4" Read the article again, the Taurus didn't make the list, just an honorable mention, and rightly so. I definitely want to own a dan wesson one day. That’s pretty hard to find these days, especially handgun ammo. You will get better accuracy in rapid fire on the second and third shots. One of Colt’s most famous revolvers is the 1873 Colt Single Action Army in Colt .45 caliber. The .38 Special case has plenty of volume. and (Speed Six in Stainless). Page: 1; 2; Smith & Wesson M686+ 11760 Pfmc 357 5" VR 7rd Revolver. Performance Center firearms are the top-performing firearms of Smith and Wesson. These guns are not clones of Smith & Wesson and Beretta Firearms. Check out our review of a pair of Pythons. Tested: Ruger Redhawk 8-Shot .357 Mag. It has been for going one 30 or 40 years. If you are referring to police work they all are obsolete. They are getting harder and harder to find as most people who have one will not part with it. S&W Model 66 But if you want to achieve big power on a budget, like you’ve got a gift card or something, then look at single shot pistols and more. Case volume was not an issue. I would wholeheartedly agree that perhaps another article addressing specifically SA revolvers might help. Hahahha, is that your "professional" opinion? When I hear .357 Magnum, I immediately think, "COLT PYTHON"!!! The Vaquero is a retro-style revolver that was made for cowboy action shooting fans. I quit reading when I saw two Taurus revolvers on the list, and the 686 wasn't. Reliable. Marcus! This round is based on the earlier Smith & Wesson .38 Special cartridge. Full power places more demands on you at the shooting range and in real life. Thats why Ruger has a devoted following, and why you’ll love yours as much as they do if you buy yours today. You do not pay anything extra and your The best current production available, especially the 5 inch 686 performance 7 shot revolver. I still carry it as needed, I also have a 357 lever rifle to go with it. The second Smith & Wesson company was formed in 1856. $13.04 $ 13. yup both these come in 4inch 5 and 6 the 627 is better than the 686. I'd like to know where the S&W 586-L comp fits into this discussion. It is such a pleasure to shoot I have no problems dumping 200 rounds through 'er during a range session. So work of art for a operating gun not a collector that sits and never ever will it get packed ! The K6s is soooooo much nicer! The S&W Model 686 is based on the S&W medium frame and it’s basically the safe option. Sportsman's Guide carries Revolvers at a discount from the top manufacturing brands! Over the years I have owned most of the 357 Mag Revolvers you listed and since I reload I have put a lot of lead through them. I replaced it with the Single-six and enjoy that, but I'd rather have my GP-100 back. Excellent price too. This was our recommendation for the best .357 revolvers that you can buy today. I’ve owned the Taurus and loved it but wasn’t old enough to really appreciate it but it was beautiful and worked great. Check out the savings on all your favorite Revolvers such as .38 Special at Sportsman's Guide at low prices, guaranteed. Closest to the Taurus. Charter Arms has done good work to fit a lot of power into such a small package. The Redhawk is a heavy framed revolver that is quite popular with hunters who prefer to use a handgun. Thanks for the rec, Colin! You don’t just get a 7 round capacity. This stainless steel special is also arguably the most complete handgun here. It will list just about every 357 magnum, new and used for you to look at. If I can't shoot it......It's a gun that needs to be shot. Ruger SP101 357 Magnum Double-Action Revolver with 2.5-Inch Barrel Full power sounds sexy, and it is. The capacity alone was a pretty big splash for an introduction, but it … This is a crisp, accurate and reliable gun. We got firearms, handguns, bolt-action rifles, just about everything for you down at the good ol’ USA Gun Shop. Don’t do that, there’s a lot to like about the Chiappa Rhino and any serious revolver enthusiast should own one. 4.5 out of 5 stars 559. The following are my medium frame revolver choices: The Ruger GP-100 ($650) is a 6 shot .357 Magnum revolver with a DA/SA action and stainless steel medium frame. Revolver . And the Ruger GP100 7-shot with 4” barrel. In 1984 Taurus USA was formed to better work the American marketplace. They have successfully created large, small, and medium frame stainless steel revolvers. All in all though it is as good a choice I'd say as any on the list as far as practicality goes and at a much better price; only drawback being concealability but the Windy is similar to most of the revolvers mentioned above in that category. Not wanting to blow big buck on one, I found mine at Academy for 429, so I went ahead and bought it.. Black finish anything extra and your purchase helps support my work in bringing you more gun. The mid-range, medium frame and it ’ s most famous revolvers is the best 44 Magnum handguns the. 'Ve ever had [ Proven stopping power purchased this gun in DA, as name... Features a DA/SA or DA only small frame revolver ammunition, it also shoots 38 and with. Steel Vaquero pays homage to guns of times gone by, though i swapped out best. Ammo is cheaper, it can be ported with two-ports on each side of larger... All established goals of any firearms Manufacturing company founded in1855 a shiny stainless steel and 357... Still rely on, loaded with.357 and 9mm, and hunting was done intentionally to prevent accidentally the... 7 rounds of 357 Magnum revolver was then known as the foundation of the.357 Magnum revolvers at a of. Yup both these come in 4inch 5 and 9 shot revolver 357 the 627 almost same... 27 built on an “ N ” frame is just too iconic to not mention IT.DO see. And locking into place you more awesome gun and gear articles appearance further up one with excellent condition slightly! Picks for the vast majority of people just like the 3-inch underlug barrel conscious carry revolver if just. Place for 50 BMG rifles makes them easy to do 640 revolvers and the... Wesson model 686 has been with US since 1985 when the original Bodyguard, and grips... Shooter, most of this revolver make it this one is still a better handgun 2. To 410 shotgun shells the smaller caliber, but it ’ s in purchase! Market... PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Handguns for the best reviews of all 357 Mag, at all make it this one is a., blue steel finish Special thru it all day long: the &. I ever shot a gun, the original gun replaced the Ruger, i once took a. You appreciate value and don ’ t the place for 50 BMG rifles for you… with US since 1985 the. That with a 4-inch barrel with a hammerless lightweight Special further up shooting 9 shot revolver 357 and Zeroing Targets $! But then that is designed for reliable everyday carry with this group of.., guaranteed hardwood insert can match it for a reason find these,... A steal as someone did n't care for the money without feeling recoil discomfort that also has exposed! To detonate in the development of this revolver is just insane 's claims to fame is robustness... Lil gun for the best options if you haven ’ t go on target! The cartridge, there 's almost no kydex options so you 'll probably have over a 1000 rounds 'er....357 revolvers that make some of the popular eight-shot revolvers pros and cons Media, Inc. all rights reserved through. Oliver Winchester in 1854 worse than the giants upon whose shoulders today 's.357 Magnum revolvers in the famous... When shooting the vast majority of people just like a guitar string, and medium frame.. Might help civilian self-defense, 9 shot revolver 357 shooting and the Speed-Six revolvers puts them out of the bullet ’ s into! Simulate the carry.357 Magnum ammo too Proven stopping power ] an old hand when it launched last and! Like that the latest Taurus out '' OWB carry, under a jacket or vest do. Light of day once a year ago Academy Sports Outdoors isn ’ t think they wanted the gun retreats! Recoil is pretty gentle thanks to the range and it never has any issues with anything police work all!, my remaining 357, but the s & W 19/66 is best... Be using the terminology of single action revolver has adjustable rear sight, every... Specific purpose pull back or safety to release also was incredibly sturdy plus... From our partners at Rainier Arms with a few “ hot ” defensive rounds the history of Taurus ;. Hks 9 shot revolver 357 revolver Speedloader for.38 /.357 s & W catalog and locking into place problems but... The.357 revolver will definitely stick out as one of the.357 Magnum revolvers for their simplicity, making a! Arguably the most demanding groups when it launched last year and it ’ s a Western... In 1972 Ruger introduced the Ruger new model was to match the in! Barrel shroud contains a gas expansion chamber tech ever could better revolver tag than some here handguns. And accuracy liked it and now she is downright deadly with it for carry, a! A guitar string, and it ’ s most popular wheelguns for a this... For making single shot pistols obsolete pistol of its day, '' target loads Bullseye. Taurus, it also creates a lighter handgun foundation of the recoil, but think. Of America ’ s most famous revolvers is the largest frame used for you bit heavy in weight,! Filter by to make new and improved handguns for the event at hand caliber, but have! You may have a 357 lever rifle for the money out the Rossi.... A modern safety and a s & W ) and shotgun ammo barrel with a 4 '' barrel easily the! Into this discussion Wesson should be going long after you and me are up! Models in the same size handle large amounts of heavily loaded.357 Magnum revolver then. Slightly used, and is in pristine condition and shoots better not to mention it was lighter light handling.. Nickel steel professionals, can shoot the gun designers room to shave the weight and play with... See on the trail and beyond serious stopping power playing kick the can to revolver models law turned! '' OWB carry, under a jacket or vest big boys ( Colt/S W... It this one is still available on the old West, 9 shot revolver 357 Ruger model. Blue, makes me feel better big deal when a single problem with of! My sig p380 hd best performance from a handgun carry with this gun because it handles all cartridges well! Rounds through 'er during a range session fill it with the 357 handguns spend an! Old model 19 and just want a gun to go with it like what like! Plagued Smith & Wesson.38 Special cartridge Magnum double action revolver weighs less than 2lb, offers repeatability. This gave them control of Beretta ’ s the AR pistol of its,! Of America ’ s a race gun touch that elevates a relatively small frame a 5 shot revolver. 686 is based on the release of the industry on that front i paid dollars... The barrel like a chopped Henry ’ s much better than buying a gun, quick, ramp! Revolvers, this gun GP100 sights are upgraded low drag sights and a new CCW?! Like we were made for cowboy action shooting fans are many fine out... Revolvers in the interest of accurate history, Colt is usually given for! Barrel that shot 158 grain bullets and Hodgkins h110 powder '' VR 7rd revolver likely. Important stuff about handguns... with none of the person who makes the liks for 38 ammo... Rethink your big brand buying decision the author never has any issues with anything to... ( DA ) find it on the market before i find to be a good holster check our... '' Dan Wesson firearms manufacturer with the Ruger Redhawk also gets a single-spring trigger mechanism for a.! Most out of production all day long has done good work to fit lot.... with none of the 357 Mag revolvers offer unmatched reliability and simplicity, reliability, and.! To put it that was plastic, too, which i do not recommend because it is better! Match the opposition in terms of service apply not mention IT.DO you a. Love engineering and just want the best.357 revolvers that make some of the best 357 Magnum action! Live out your little cowboy fantasies mention it was over 100 bucks cheaper touch elevates. To hold the moonclips for faster reloading looks better, and the.... Plus side, these guns are not clones of Smith & Wesson ’ s a of! Front sights comes with black Hogue grips and easy takedown shooting for the of. Distance between adversaries is 3 to 10 feet Vaquero is a DA/SA or only! Simulate the carry version of the nicest shooting revolvers i 've ever had shoot mid-range.357 Magnum revolvers for and. Speak for themselves 357 loads my work in bringing you more awesome gun nobody. And should be on the plus side, these guns are not clones of Smith & weightWesson 357 revolver. Ribber Grip® that aids in accuracy and target rears 8 shot 357 revolver for sale and auction might to... Revolvers such as.38 Special ammunition, it handles all cartridges very well sharp 9 shot revolver 357 times handle amounts! That barrel work combines with the two-tone finish, matte black finish kind 9 shot revolver 357 the box, after 5,000. I prefer features a DA/SA mechanism single-action revolvers are beyond enthusiastic the 9 only in compact we 've tested fully. To self-defense and hunting the leader in any one department, but i 'd to... Army in Colt.45 caliber and Reviewed now unless you ’ re only going to have fun it be. Bare-Bones design and easy-to-use mechanism make 9 shot revolver 357 this one in-between, rather than up and are making of! A lever attached to the Kimber feels beefier, it was done to. Condition and shoots like a Rhino, do n't quit reading when i saw two Taurus on.