The Eleventh Commandment, according to Rev. Pat Robertson:  Thou shalt not divorce thy spouse, unless said spouse hath Alzheimer's.

Yea, verily, thou shalt not taketh seriously the words of Robertson concerning Alzheimer's now that he himself is verily out of his mind.

An ample excuse if ever there was one for Mrs. Robertson to fee the nest.

We must pray for Pat Robertson that he will see the error of his ways repent -- and finally shutteth the h--l up.

Rick Perry is not the first politician receiving support from a pharmaceutical company.   In his case, Merck inoculated the governor with small doses of a miracle vaccine known as cash.

"If you are saying that I can be bought for $5,000, I'm offended," said Perry.  He neglected to say what his actual sticker price would be.

Former congressman Anthony ("Check Me Out") Weiner is back in the news.  After 90 years, his NY district has elected a Republican congressman.  It was a referendum on Obama's record and Weiner's package.

That super committee on deficit reduction is moving along smoothly toward Thanksgiving when the committee report is due.  Only yesterday, they reached a unanimous agreement that it just might rain.

President Obama's jobs bill has been delivered to Congress.  The bill will lie in repose in the rotunda of the Capitol for a period of respectful mourning.

Fighting back the usual tears, John Boenher said, "we did all we could to save the bill, including euthanasia."

The two main sponsors of this week's Republican debate were Cadillac and Exxon-Mobil.  Now that's what I call perfect product placement.

Republican talking points are beginning to take shape:  repeal of Obamacare will end the war in Afghanistan and give you a kitchen floor that shines.  And Rick Perry's state of Texas is a Ponzi scheme.



Stated goals not withstanding, about 5000 troops will remain in Iraq at the end of 2011.  Not to preserve the peace but to preserve the war.

If we leave too soon (after 8-1/2 years) the Iraqi insurgents would be left with no other option than to shoot at each other.

The stated reason for leaving American troops there is that the Iraq army needs more training -- after roughly 95 months of boot camp, by the way.   The proud, the few, the inept.

Some say that completely pulling out of Iraq would be a mistake.  But going in was also a mistake, so at least we would be consistent.


Are they really doing away with the US Postal Service?  Is this any way to treat our men and women in uniform?

I guess we don't need a postal service when the whole country is going postal, anyway.

With no more snail-mail, what will happen to the snails?  They could always go to work at the Division of Motor Vehicles.

And let me close with this message:  "You have junk email."

One of the things I recall about the immediate aftermath of September 11 was how polite everyone was in congested traffic.   We had never seen so much yielding.  If you didn't yield, the terrorists would win.

Members of Congress joined hands on the steps of the Capitol Building and sang, "God Bless America".  But as I noted at the time, the congeniality broke down around "white with foam."

For the first time American flags were appearing on the lapels of Democrats and late night comedians.  Was it about patriotism, approval or Nielson ratings?   The answer is yes.

Janet Napolitano says that the airport rule on shoes won't last forever.  Fine, but the longer people continue to be inconvenienced at the airport, the longer they will remember.


The Republican candidates all say they will abolish Obamacare on Day One of their presidency.  What about Day Two?  They will tell the American people to stay healthy.

In Wednesday's debate, Rick Perry said that if you come to Texas and commit a heinous crime, you would be executed.  I expected Perry to add:  "And that means you, Ben Bernanke."

Candidate Jon Huntsman, the designated grown-up, warned Republicans not to be the anti-science party.  It takes guts to blow an endorsement from the Flat Earth Society.

Huntsman's statement was an obvious slam against Newt Gingrich who believes the Earth revolves around him.

Mitt Romney gave the impression that he wants to embrace the tea party, but the tea party says, "not on the first date."


Rick Perry:  "Social Security is a Ponzi scheme."  Bernie Madoff:  "I'll be the judge of that."

An earthquake, a hurricane and blasts of hot air from Rick Perry.  Where were the August doldrums when we needed them?

Perry would be well advised to tone down the cowboy shtick.  You know it goes too far when it offends Texans.

Why isn't the trailing Jon Huntsman catching on?  His fellow Republicans have sent him a message:  "This is not the time for decency."


If love means never having to say you're sorry, Dick Cheney must really love us.

In Cheney's new book, he makes no apologies.  Of course not -- he's Dick Cheney, for heaven's sake.   Did we expect his book to be called "Confessions of a War Criminal"?

Did we think Cheney would title his book "What Was I Thinking?"

The actual title of this book is, "In My Time."  It could also be called "Torture, Shmorture."



A 6.0 earthquake hits the Nation's Capitol.  This must be God's plan to get Washington moving again.


When the quake hit, a crowd gathered in front of the IRS building, yelling, "Fall, baby, fall".