When President Obama visits Hiroshima, he will not apologize for the US destroying that city nor should he. Japan never apologized for destroying Detroit.

Japan inflicted pain on us when it exported karaoke.

The nation is watching the Capitol building waiting for that first puff of white smoke indicating that Paul Ryan as endorsed Trump.

Which will make it official: "We have a dictator!"
Being a Republican these days must be like waking up in a strange bed with a hooker and having to fall in love by November.

Paul Ryan says he is not ready to support Trump. Understandable. Before jumping off a cliff you might want to think about it.

Only a few months until they'll all be goose stepping to Cleveland.

On a cheerier not, we've learned that back in 1838, the Jesuit run Georgetown University sold its slaves as a fundraiser. To his credit, Lincoln freed the slaves but never pardoned the Jesuits.

How Trump can make up with Cruz: "Hey Ted, I misspoke. Your dad never knew Lee Harvey Oswald. Maybe it was John Hinckley."

"Hey Ted, three words -- Ambassador to Mexico. Think about it. Syria, maybe?"

"Hey Ted, you and Carly and Heidi make a nice threesome. You coulda carried Utah."

"Hey Ted, I understand that you were upset when you called me a disgusting narcissistic bully and pathological liar. I am not narcissistic."


"Do you Ted take Carly to be your lawfully wedded running mate until death in Cleveland do you part?"

"I do."

"And do you, Carly, take this hopeless underdog, Ted, even after speaking out against him for months and then doing a flip-flop when he took you in his arms and proposed?"

"I don't like the way you put it but yeah, I do."

"Then by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you conman and running mate. Ted, you may kiss the bride."

"Do I have to?"

Justice moves slowly. At last, Harriet Tubman will be on the $20 bill and Andrew Jackson will have to sit on the back of the bill.

And yet, a transgender person needs a birth certificate to go to the bathroom in North Carolina.

And you have to feel sorry for liberals who are struggling to accept gay climate change deniers. 

On college campuses, global warming skeptics are being demonized. It's enough to get you kicked off of the debating team.

On today's college debating team both sides must agree with each other.

Start spreadin' da news
It's "eff you" to Cruz
'Cause we made sure he'd lose
New York, New York.

Hey Bernie, what's new?
Here's one little clue
You've met your Waterloo
In Old New York.

And the "Good Donald" in victory
Was quite sedate
With his bad side, the guy could be
His own running mate.

To Cleveland they'll go
The lid's gonna blow
Just like Chicago did
In sixty-eight

And in the Fall we'll see
Trump trashing Hillary
Enough to bring her victory.

Are America's best days still ahead? Absolutely -- so long as none of the candidates win.

Recent LGBT legislation in North Carolina and Mississippi is very simple. If you were born a bigot you must use the senators' bathroom.

When a man becomes a woman, she will start making 79 cents for every dollar she made as a man. You'd think employers would be fine with that.  

Princeton University has decided to keep President Woodrow Wilson's name on some of the campus buildings despite clear evidence that Wilson was a racist. His defenders claim that he has changed.

Six months ago, if only Trump had made a speech insulting Carly Fiorina, Megyn Kelly and John McCain and called Mexicans rapists, and welcomed the support of Klansman David Duke and said that women getting abortions should be punished and bragged about the size of his genitalia maximus -- all in one speech - we might have been spared this Chinese water torture. Drip. Drip. Drip.
Angry rant du jour: Obama went to a ball game in Cuba and did the tango in Argentina, when he should have been doing both in Brussels.

November can't come soon enough when we can finally get to vote on which candidate has the ugliest wife.

Then on January 20, as our new president is sworn in, he will place his hand on the National Enquirer.

The National Enquirer lies by claiming there were five women in this country who found Ted Cruz hot.

Advice to John Kasich: Wear a cap that says, "Make America Sane Again."
And now there are three remaining Republican candidates: Trump, Cruz and the token human, John Kasich.

Do you hear what I hear? "Too many jobs are being outsourced to New Mexico."

"Hillary should have left Bill when he was carrying on with Monica Benghazi."

"I will build up the military. On Day One I will make the Pentagon an Octagon."

"My father was a bartender. When he first met my mother, he said 'you've had enough.'"

"Merrick Garland? What kind of name is that? Where is he from --- Mozambique?"