On the anniversary of Elvis' death, Michele Bachmann wished him a happy birthday.  Is there a Hallmark card for this?

From the winner of the Iowa poll

To the living-dead of Rock and Roll.

Getting votes from your ans, that's my endeavor.

Happy Birthday or Deathday.  Whatever.


If you drew a diagram tracing the trajectories of the debt ceiling congressional labyrinth, that diagram would resemble Charlie Sheen's brain scan.

Politicians love using words as decoys. "Revenue" is used by Democrats who think that people are too stupid to know that revenue means tax hikes.

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No sooner was America pulled off the railroad tracks from the oncoming train of financial ruin than we learned that Apple has more money than the federal government. Could iGov have stopped the train?

Apple's larger treasury makes the U.S. of A literally a second-rate power. When Obama says, "we need jobs." He's talking about Steve.

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The case against Kindle: You can't use it to prop up a wobbly table.

Would you rather have an attorney whose office is lined with rows of serious law books, as opposed to a Kindle sitting on an empty shelf?

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We were told that unless we raised the debt ceiling the stock market would nosedive. So we did. And it did.

If America's bond rating is devalued from Triple A to Double A -- in baseball terms we will be the Toledo Mud Hens.

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