Here's a dance that's all the rave
Strut around your big enclave.

Talk into your microwave
And do the Mar-a-Lago Tango.

A dance of betrayal around the floor
With a healthcare plan that screws the poor.
As corporations beg for more
That's the Mar-a-Lago Tango.

Climate change a hoax and that's a fact
So let's crank up the old smoke stacks.
Do the budget boogie, Meals on Wheels goes away
Then bend over forward for the NRA.

Kill Big Bird -- a prime suspect.
Put up a wall and make us write the check.
Your campaign promises were mostly dreck
As is the Mar-a-Lago Tango.

To slash federal programs, make a vow
Raising taxes, you won't allow.
Put your family on the payroll now.
And do the Mar-a-Lago Tango.