Mitch McConnell muzzles Elizabeth Warren for impugning the character of fellow senator, Jeff Sessions, but Warren persisted. That was one defective muzzle.

Warren was in violation of Senate Rule 19: "Thou shalt not read a letter from Coretta Scott King." Not to be confused with Rule 20: "Thou shalt not read letters from Mrs. Medgar Evers or Mrs. Malcolm X."

Appellate court rules against Trump ban on travel from 7 Muslim countries that have Nordstrom outlets.

Kellyanne Conway appears on "Fox & Friends" sporting her fresh "Buy Ivanka" tattoo.

Betsy DeVos confirmed as Secretary of Education and announces plan to put inkwells in all the public schools.

Before Japanese Prime Minister Abe and President Trump play golf, Steve Bannon whispers to Abe: "Let him win if you want to see Hiroshima again."

Thus ended Week Three.