As I watch the news, is it real, is it fake?
Are these alternate facts, is truth taking a break?
I say under my breath: "WTF?"
Were the numbers all rigged, what's the size of the crowd?
Bring the waterboard back, I hear it's allowed.
Any honesty left? As I said, "WTF?"

What's this planet we're on, is it still Mother Earth?
This may not be the universe of my birth.
Where the only reality is disbelief
Courtesy of our Tweeter-In-Chief.

He signs his own laws, a dictatorial task
As his daughter applauds. Is it legal? Don't ask.
There'll be no health care left. "WTF?"
Welcome back home, you would stay if you could.
Sorry to say your green card is no good.
Airports running amok, as i said, "What the F---?"